Ants are mostly harmless, but they still have a way of setting off alarms for many people. Most of us have a story about accidentally stumbling into an ant colony and getting a lot of nasty stings. Those are memories that stay with us and make us more wary.

Whether ants are harmful or not, you just don’t want to see them in your house. Even if they are black ants marching across your counter in search of food, you don’t want the pests inside your house. It’s embarrassing to see any kind of pests in number in your home, and it can raise questions about the cleanliness of the space. If you get carpenter ants or fire ants in your home, there’s also a threat to your property and to your family. Carpenter ants can chew through wood and cellulose, damaging your home, and fire ants can cause painful stings. Sometimes, fire ants can even cause severe reactions.

Ant Plague

What Attracts Ants into Your Home?

The things that attracts ants in your home are the things that attract all pests: Food and water. Ants don’t have a feel for luxury. They don’t care that you have granite countertops or marble tile. They are just searching out food and water, and if they find it in your home, they are going to stick around for a while.

Typically, ants will go in search of protein sources in the spring, when they need to prepare for mating and laying eggs. They will be most attracted to items like meat scraps, butter, and oils in your kitchen or trash, as well as pests or dead animals around your home. In the summer, they will be more focused on growing their nest and their tunnels, so they’ll look or energy-rich sources of food, such as bead crumbs, sweets, any syrups or sweet drinks, and even produce in your kitchen or in your garden.

You can make your home less attractive to ants by keeping your counters and floors clean. Sweep and mop regularly, and wipe down your countertops after each use. Even traces of spilled liquids can be attractive to ants.

Where Ants Congregate

Ants will live wherever they can find appropriate shelter and easy access to food and water. They typically create nests in the ground or in trees or stumps. However, if they are attracted into your home, they can also create nests in your walls, behind your baseboards or other moldings, and even under your countertops.

Ants usually find their way into your home through cracks around your doors and windows, gaps around plumbing or electrical wiring, or cracks in your foundation. You can also carry them inside unknowingly on firewood, newspapers, flowers from your yard, or produce from your garden. It’s important that you check these items carefully before you bring them inside. You should also check the exterior for your home for any gaps or cracks, and you should fill them. It’s a good idea to hire a professional for this job since it can be easy to overlook these small gaps.

Though ants can be a nuisance, they do serve an important role in nature. You can work with an exterminator to keep them contained to certain parts of your yard or to keep them off your property entirely. An exterminator will also help you create a plan to keep your home free of ants so that you can enjoy your kitchen pest-free. Take proactive steps to keep ants out of your home, as well, by keeping the area free of enticing food scraps and by sealing up the gaps around your home.

If you have ants in your home, Varsity Termite and Pest Control can help. Our exterminators can implement treatment that will eradicate the ants you have and prevent new ants from coming into your home. With regular treatments, you can keep ants and other bothersome pests out of your home so that you can feel confident with entertaining and so you can keep your home comfortable and safe for your family. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services or to schedule a free estimate.

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