Black Widow Infestation? Learn Immediate & Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Them

The notorious Black Widow spider, scientifically categorized as Latrodectus hesperus, is one of two venomous spiders found throughout the state of Arizona and the greater southwest regions of the United States. The brown recluse spider is the other venomous spider that can be found within the same general areas.

Unfortunately, black widow spiders are very common in Arizona. They can be found throughout the state, including in the city of Phoenix and other urban areas, as well as in the desert regions, but many people are surprised – and perturbed – to learn that black widows are most densely populated in metropolitan areas where prey is most easily found. If you suspect a black widow infestation in your home or business, contact a trusted Phoenix pest control company for immediate and effective treatment.

Quick Facts About Black Widow Spiders

Among the most infamous of all spider species, the black widow has developed a bad reputation, and with good reason. They are stealthy, fast, and extremely poisonous. While black widow spiders are unlikely to attack unless they are provoked, the consequences of a bite can be intense. Most people will feel severe pain, burning, and swelling at the site of the bite. Redness and seeing two fang marks is common. The potent neurotoxin that is injected during a bite can cause nausea, muscle cramps, hypertension, sweating, and complications with breathing. Symptoms and discomfort may last for days, although they are unlikely to kill a person. Their biggest risk is to small children, the elderly, and pets. Although anti-venom is available, it is not prescribed in every situation; if you’ve been bitten by a black widow spider, call a doctor for medical advice.

Most people will immediately recognize a female black widow spider. They are shiny, round-bodied, and all black, with the widely recognized red hourglass shape on their undersides. Males look significantly different, with longer bodies and legs that are a more translucent brown. Their bodies are striped with cream and browns. Including their legs, a black widow is approximately 1.5 inches across.

Black widow spiders multiply quickly. They lay up to 500 eggs at a time that are encased in a tan-colored egg sac. Once the eggs hatch, they become prey for another common Arizona pest, the bark scorpion. Having black widow spiders in your home is a lose-lose situation that needs immediate attention from Mesa pest services.

Black Widow Season

Black widow spiders like Arizona’s warm climate and may begin to make an appearance as early as February. They will stay active until October or November and live in a state of dormancy for the rest of the year. Almost anywhere in and around your home is a perfect place for them to build their webs, which are usually close to the ground. Common nesting areas include man-made structures, patio furniture, sheds, garages, woodpiles, and around the base of your home. They also like dark corners of undisturbed areas, such as closets, garages, basements, and shelving units. Phoenix pest control can help you find vulnerable areas in and around your home to help prevent infestations and stop these pests from entering your home.

Preventing Black Widow Infestations

So how do you effectively prevent infestations of these spiders in your home or office? Consider these tips from your Gilbert pest control company:

  • Reduce clutter in garages, basements, and closets to prevent nesting
  • Routinely vacuum and clean inside closets, underneath furniture, and other commonly undisturbed places
  • Stack wood piles away from your home
  • Keep up with trimming weeds and other landscaping around your home
  • Seal up openings, gaps, and cracks around your home’s foundation as well as around doors, windows, attic vents, and other openings
  • Carefully remove all webs and eggs sacs that you come across
  • Eliminate food sources, which include flies and other small spiders

The black widow spider isn’t just chilling to look at; she poses a threat to your sense of comfort and safety within your home as well as a risk to your family’s health. Since the black widow spider is a food source for another difficult and dangerous pest, the Arizona bark scorpion, professional Arizona pest control is the best answer for getting these unsettling creatures out of your home.

Effective Black Widow Treatment In Phoenix

If you suspect a black widow spider infestation in your home, act quickly by calling Varsity Termite and Pest Control. We specialize in providing safe and effective removal services so you can get back to comfort and safety in your home. Call us today to schedule your consultation!

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