Your house isn’t just welcoming to your family and guests; it’s also welcoming to all kinds of pesky critters. Your home is warm, it has lots of dark places, and it has plenty of sources of food and water, making it an ideal home for many types of bugs and other pests.

You’ve likely seen cockroaches and ants in your home at one time or another, and you know that those are attracted to food crumbs and spills in your kitchen. But there are many more pests that might be nestling down in your pantry without you even realizing it. There are many pests that like to get into your dry foods and have a buffet, such as flour beetles, grain moths, rice weevils, and Indian meal moths. These pests are usually very hard to see since they are small and they blend in with the foods they are eating. They don’t usually become noticeable until they have grown and spread.

Pantry pests like these are usually attracted to foods that are stored in paper containers and that are left to sit a long time. Think pantry staples that you don’t use frequently, such as cornstarch, flour, and powdered milk. These pests can also be attracted to foods like dry pasta, dry cereal, and spices.


How they Get There

Pantry pests get in your home just like other pests do. They fly or crawl or burrow in search of food until they find it. They come into your home through cracks in your exterior, open doors and windows, or even on your clothes or other belongings.

Often, pantry pests come in through other groceries. You might pick them up from foods you buy at the farmer’s market, an outlet store, or even your big-box grocery store. You have a greater risk of bringing home pantry pests if you buy foods that have already been opened or that are damaged. These items are usually marked down in stores, but you should be wary of the risks before you try to cash in on the bargains.

Keeping them Out

There are many steps you can take to keep pantry pests out of your house and ensure that your food supply is always clean. Besides ensuring that you always buy new and unopened food, you can also:

  • Take foods out of their original, paper packaging and put them in glass or plastic air-sealed containers
  • Clean those containers before refilling them
  • Do not mix new foods with old foods. Finish the old container completely or start a new container.
  • Throw out old and expired foods regularly.
  • Clean the shelves in your pantry regularly. These crumbs are magnets for pantry pests, pulling them closer to your food supply.
  • Clean your floors and countertops regularly, as well. Crumbs anywhere in your kitchen will draw pests closer.
  • Of course, you can also prevent pantry pests by hiring a pest control technician to treat your home regularly with the appropriate solutions. A good pest control company will offer numerous solutions to effectively protect your home. The company should also have non-toxic options that will not harm your family or your pets – especially important when the technician is spraying in areas that are near food. You can also talk to the technician about additional steps you can take to prevent an outbreak, such as specific storage methods or cleaning techniques. If you already have an outbreak, the technician can devise a strategy for eradicating it. You may lose some food in your pantry, but you’ll gain your peace of mind.

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