You start to feel extra itchy, but you don’t know why. Then you see the telltale red bumps or welts. Then you notice that your dog has been itching more than usual lately also. Then it all makes sense: You have fleas!

Just washing your dog or cat in flea shampoo isn’t going to get rid of your problem. The fleas can be in your carpet, your furniture, and other items in your home. You need to call a Mesa pest control company to treat your home to completely get rid of the fleas and to keep them out. You can also try these DIY methods to complement the service:

Wash Everything

Fleas can live on the items where you and your pets sleep, your furniture, and more. You need to wash everything in your home thoroughly, and probably multiple times. Start with pet bedding. Wash in hot water multiple times. Then wash your own bedding, pillows, couch pillows, and any throw rugs that can go in the wash.

Note that washing can get out the fleas most of the time, but if any of the items are infested, there may be eggs buried deep in the fibers. Continued washing may not be worth it, so you may need to resign to throwing these items out.

Vacuum Regularly

Of course, if you have carpet, fleas will definitely be burrowed in those fibers. You can get them out by vacuuming regularly. Just put some moth balls or a flea collar inside the vacuum canister so that any bugs you suck up will be killed. When you empty the canister, put it in a separate plastic bag, seal it, and take the bag outside to the trash immediately.

Fleas like cool, dark areas, so you want to pay special attention to areas of carpet that are not in direct sunlight (especially under furniture).

Use DIY Mixes

You can make your own flea traps to lure and kill some of the pests that aren’t caught by your cleaning efforts. You can create a mix of dish liquid and water and put it in a low bowl or plate on the ground. Put the dish close to a light source, which will attract the fleas. Over a few days, you should see the bowl fill up with dead fleas.

You can also kill fleas and their larvae by spreading botanical dust around your home. If you choose to do this, you will have to leave the house for at least 24 hours after you apply it. Then you’ll have to return home and vacuum and wash every surface.

Use an Insect Growth Regulator

Insect growth regulators, or IGRs, inhibit the growth of fleas and other insects from eggs and larvae to fully grown, reproducing pests. You can buy over-the-counter pesticides, but few of these contain IGRs, and they are not nearly as effective at eliminating your flea or other pest problem. If you want to make a real impact without calling a pest control technician, you need to use a product that has an IGR.

Fleas can be a real nuisance – for both you and your pet. They can cause itching and painful sores, and in some cases, they can cause serious allergic reaction. It’s important that you take immediate action to address your flea problem once you notice it. A professional pest control technician can implement the right solutions to eradicate your flea problem quickly. Maintenance treatments can keep the fleas away without increasing risk to your family or your pets.

Call Varsity Termite and Pest Control in Phoenix today if you think that you have a flea or other pest problem. We offer affordable pest services for fleas, roaches, ants, scorpions, roof rats, pigeons, and many other pests that are common to the Phoenix area. We offer treatments that eliminate current pest infestations, as well as treatments that protect your home from future attack. Our goal is to keep your home safe and clean so that you can enjoy peace and relax. Call us today to schedule an inspection and find out why we are the pest control company that Phoenix residents trust and love.

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