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    Leading Scorpion Pest Control Services For Mesa Residents

    Have you seen scorpions in or around your home and are wondering how to get rid of them? These troublesome pests are difficult to see and can cause painful stings. Our trusted Mesa pest control experts have developed an innovative Scorpion Barrier method that eradicates scorpions and prevents them from getting into homes. We’ve been using our pest control methods for years with tremendous success, backed by a one year guarantee. Protect the safety of your home and family by reaching out to Varsity Pest & Termite today.

    Mesa Scorpion Extermination Experts Serving Homes & Businesses

    Scorpion Pest Control Team In Mesa

    Over 20 Years Of Experience In Scorpion Pest Control

    We draw on our extensive experience in pest control as we develop a personalized plan for your home to eradicate and eliminate scorpions in Mesa so that you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your family is protected.

    Residential And Commercial Scorpion Extermination Services

    Residential & Commercial Scorpion Extermination Services

    We service homes and businesses, providing trusted Mesa scorpion control services with our state of the art technology that is safe for children and pets. If you’re ready to eliminate scorpions, give us a call today.

    Pest Control Trucks Providing Services In Mesa, AZ

    Licensed, Bonded & Insured Scorpion Exterminators

    Varsity Termite & Pest Control is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, which means you are protected when you work with us. Don’t trust just anyone with your home; let our trusted and experienced team take care of your scorpion problem.

    Top Choice Scorpion Control Treatment For Mesa Homes

    We are proud to offer top rated Mesa scorpion control as we work closely with home and business owners to determine where scorpions may be entering your property, develop a plan to block entrance paths, eliminate living scorpions in your home, remove food sources, and protect your home from future scorpion invasions. Call Varsity Termite & Pest Control today to learn more about how we can serve you! Our friendly and trustworthy pest control technicians are ready to help.

    Scorpion Control Treatment In Mesa, AZ

    Scorpion Inspection Services In Mesa

    Comprehensive & Thorough Scorpion Inspection Services

    When you work with us, our Mesa pest control technicians will provide a comprehensive inspection of your home or business to discover where scorpions may be hiding or feeding. Then we’ll use our findings to apply our innovative Scorpion Barrier treatment and develop a customized plan to eliminate them for good. Our technicians are thorough and attentive to detail every step of the way to ensure a good outcome, no matter how many scorpions are hiding in your property.

    Extensive Knowledge of Where Scorpions Hide and Nest

    Understanding scorpion habits is crucial to successfully eliminating these venomous pests. Our Mesa scorpion control technicians are trained and experienced in finding where scorpions are nesting and hiding inside your home so that they can be fully eradicated. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to find scorpions, eliminate their nesting and feeding areas, and prevent them from returning to your Mesa home or business. This multifaceted approach is why our team is so successful.

    Thorough Searches For Scorpion Nests And Hiding Places In Mesa Homes

    About the Habits of Arizona Bark Scorpions Found in Mesa

    Scorpions are arachnids, close relatives of spiders, ticks and mites. There are approximately 1,300 species of scorpions world-wide. They are very common in the Southern and Southwestern States. About 40-60 species occur right here in Arizona, although many are un-described. While they are commonly thought of as desert animals, they do in fact occur in other habitats as well, including grasslands, pine forests, rain forests, deciduous forests and caves.

    Bark Scorpions are Poisonous & Nocturnal

    Most scorpions are not poisonous, with the exception of the Bark Scorpion which reside in Arizona (see below for details). Even with non-poisonous scorpions, young children, the elderly and individuals that may be allergic to scorpion venom can experience serious health consequences if stung and should seek medical attention immediately. These nocturnal, predatory animals generally feed on a variety of insects, spiders, and even other scorpions. The larger scorpions occasionally feed on vertebrates, such as small lizards, snakes and mice. Scorpions can survive without feeding for six months. Despite their villainous appearance, scorpions are not aggressive hunters but rather lie and patiently wait for their next meal. Scorpions enter structures in search of shelter and water.

    Bark Scorpion Control Treatment In Mesa, AZ

    Thorough Inspection Services For Hard To See Scorpions In Mesa

    Arizona Bark Scorpions are Difficult to See

    The poisonous “”bark”” or “”crevice”” scorpions are pale and small, making them difficult to see. They are common throughout many habitats but almost always in rocky areas and are very able climbers. While most scorpion species are solitary in nature, the Bark Scorpion is an exception. They can congregate between 20 to 30, which make them even more menacing. The venom of the Bark Scorpion may produce severe pain (but rarely swelling) at the site of the sting, numbness, frothing at the mouth, difficulties in breathing (including respiratory paralysis), muscle twitching, and convulsions. Death is rare, especially in more recent times. Antivenom is available for severe cases. Certain people, however, may be allergic to the venom and can experience life-threatening side effects when stung (as occurs with bee stings). Due to the potentially dangerous nature of these creatures, Scorpion Control is best left in the hands of the professionals.

    Areas Prone to Scorpion Infestation In Mesa, Arizona

    • Garbage
    • Stored Boxes
    • Bricks
    • Old Lumber
    • Decaying organic debris such as bark, leaves, etc.
    • Organic Matter in and around potted plants and gardens
    • Shoes or soiled clothing
    • Areas in the attic infested by insects
    • Wall openings and conduits
    • Around light fixtures
    Home Areas Prone To Scorpion Infestations In Mesa

    Specials & Coupons For Pest Control

    Prevention Methods to Keep Scorpions from Entering Your Home

    Eliminate or Seal Holes, Gaps & Every Possible Hiding Place

    Scorpions can get into your home through very small holes and gaps in your roof, flashing, foundation, and walls. They can even enter through gaps around windows and doors. Our Mesa scorpion control team will carefully examine and seal any places in your home where pests can enter.

    Sealing Holes In Mesa Properties

    Remove Water Sources Near Your Home

    Remove any Source of Standing Water

    In order to survive, scorpions need a source of water. This can include areas in your yard with poor drainage or drips from plumbing and faucets that you may not have noticed. A crucial step of Mesa scorpion control is removing any source of water or food so they will be forced to nest elsewhere.

    Mow Your Lawn Regularly & Maintain Your Landscape

    Scorpions need places to hide. Keeping your lawn and landscaping maintained is an important step to preventing scorpion infestations. Our technicians will identify key areas around your yard that may be providing shelter or food for scorpions and encouraging them to linger around your home.

    Regular Lawn And Landscape Maintenance In Mesa

    Check For Scorpion Nests In Attics

    Frequently Check for Scorpion Nests in Your Attic

    Scorpions can hide in unexpected places. We frequently find nests in quiet, undisturbed places such as attics, spare bedroom closets, and under cabinets. When you work with us, our friendly technicians will explore areas in your home where scorpions may be nesting and hiding.

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

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    How to Deal with an Arizona Bark Scorpion’s Sting


    Clean The Sting With Soap And Water

    Remove any venom, bacteria, dirt, or sand from the wound with soap and water. Cool water can be soothing while it cleanses the area to prevent infection. Use onlyl gentle soaps on the area.


    Apply a Cold Compress

    Cool and soothe the scorpion sting with a cold compress. Use a clean washcloth saturated with very cold water or an ice pack to reduce pain while helping your body begin to heal itself from the sting.


    Take a Pain Reliever such as Ibuprofen Or Acetaminophen

    Over the counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can be helpful for reducing pain and inflammation from the scorpion venom. Consult a doctor if you have a health condition, are pregnant, or for children.


    Call or Visit Your Doctor

    Seek medical attention at urgent care or your doctor’s office for the scorpion sting, especially if you have a medical condition or may be more vulnerable to complications. Your doctor may recommend treatments to help with pain and inflammation.


    Contact Our Scorpion Control Company

    Reach out to the #1 Mesa scorpion control company for a thorough inspection, Scorpion Barrier treatment, and prevention methods so that no one else in your home will have to suffer the pain of a scorpion sting.


    Barefoot Person Next To Small Scorpion On Floor

    Specialized Scorpions Control Services in Mesa, Arizona | Varsity Termite & Pest Control

    Choose Our Mesa Scorpion Extermination Services for a Scorpion-Free Home

    Shield Your Mesa Home from the Threat of Bark Scorpions With Our Professional Help

    Arizona bark scorpions are small and difficult to see, especially when they hide in places such as in your shoes, inside cabinets, underneath clothing on the floor, or under couches. Let the professional scorpion control experts at Varsity Termite & Pest Control eradicate these venomous pests from your home and prevent them from re-entering so that you and your family can enjoy peace of mind and no risk of painful scorpion stings. Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their home.

    Licensed Experts Providing Scorpion Inspections & Exterminations

    Our Mesa scorpion removal experts are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, which means we have passed stringent standards and offer fully insured services to protect you and your family. We can inspect your home or business to find out where scorpions are nesting, feeding, and hiding; we will exterminate any scorpions we find and use our innovative, proven Scorpion Barrier methods to prevent them from entering your home again. Let us protect your home from scorpion infestations. Call us today to learn more!

    Scorpion Inspection By Licensed Experts In Mesa

    Mesa’s Premier Home Sealing Services for Scorpion Control

    Home Sealing Inspections In Mesa Homes

    Professional Home Seal Inspections to Detect Scorpion Entry Points

    When you work with us, one of our first steps will be to perform a professional inspection of your home to find and seal all gaps where scorpions may be entering. This includes damaged door seals, improperly closed windows, cracks in your home’s foundation, insecure flashing or roof tiles, and many other potential entrance points.

    Exterior & Interior Scorpion Control with Our Range of Dusts, Baits, Gel & Liquid Applications

    We use a variety of dusts, baits, gels, and liquids as part of our treatment for your scorpion infestation. These applications may attract, exterminate, or prevent scorpions. We will work with you to identify your goals in Mesa pest control and use products that are safe for everyone who lives in your home.

    Interior And Exterior Scorpion Control Treatment For Homes In Mesa

    Contact Our Experts and Get Rid of Scorpions in Your Mesa Home

    Warranties For Our Scorpion & Pest Control Services

    Varsity’s Home Scorpion Sealing Service Gives You Multiple Layers of Protection 24hrs a Day!

    Exterminator Spraying Scorpion Repellent On A Property's Windows

    Monthly Service 30 days

    Enjoy our premium package with monthly Mesa scorpion control services every 30 days. This is the perfect package for homes and businesses who work with high risk populations, have had serious scorpion infestations in the past, or want peace of mind knowing their trusted pest control technicians are standing by.

    Scorpion Bi-Monthly Treatment In Mesa

    Bi-Monthly Service 60 days

    Mesa pest control services every other month is a great option for many families and businesses who have had moderate scorpion infestations and want to stay on top of prevention and treatment methods to ensure these pests don’t come back. Ensure the safety and comfort of your home.

    Scorpion Treatment Every 90-Days In Mesa

    Quarterly Service 90 days

    Work with our trusted technicians four times a year to obtain targeted treatment and prevention services. We will inspect your home or business for possible scorpion entrance points and provide any removal services that are required. This package is perfect for homes that have had minor infestations.

    Scorpion Yearly Treatment In Mesa

    Scorpion Home Sealsone year

    Our professional Mesa scorpion control company can inspect your home annually to look for new potential entrance points, feeding access points, or nesting areas. Annual service allows us to stay on top of potential new problems before scorpions can get into your home or business.

    Why Choose Our Mesa Scorpion Control Services

    We know you don’t trust just anyone to inspect your home or treat for infestations. At Varsity Termite & Pest Control, you can have confidence knowing that you’re working with licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who carry over 20 years of experience working in Mesa pest control. We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and have hundreds of 5 star reviews from local, satisfied customers.

    Local, Family Owned & Operated Pest Control Company

    Local, Family Owned & Operated Pest Control Company

    We are locally owned and operated by a family who understands your needs and is ready to help eradicate and prevent scorpions from ruining your life and home. We offer outstanding customer service and the friendly feel of a small company, while having the resources to handle big jobs and serious scorpion infestations in Mesa. Reach out to Varsity Termite & Pest Control today to get started with your customized scorpion treatment plan from our team of professionals.

    Pet Safe & Eco-Friendly Scorpion Removal Treatment

    Pet Safe & Eco-Friendly Scorpion Removal Treatment

    Families are often concerned about the safety of the products that we use to remove and treat scorpion infestations in their homes and businesses. All of the products that we use are eco-friendly and safe for your beloved pets. Additionally, many of our methods are non-toxic with an emphasis on prevention, elimination of feeding and nesting areas, and caring for the exterior of your home to prevent scorpions from entering at all.

    The Latest In Scorpion Prevention & Extermination Methods

    The Latest in Scorpion Prevention & Extermination Methods

    When you think nothing can be done to stop scorpions from getting in your Arizona home, there is Scorpion Barrier by Varsity. Varsity is a leader in scorpion control. We have been stopping scorpions with the Scorpion Barrier system from entering Arizona homes for years and can protect your home, too! Call us today for a Free Scorpion inspection and find out why residents from Phoenix to Mesa and throughout the Valley trust Varsity for their scorpion control needs!

    We Provide Scorpion Pest Control Throughout Mesa, AZ

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    Get Scorpion Control Services in any of Mesa’s Neighborhoods

    Scorpion Pest Control Company Providing Services In Las Sendas, Mesa

    Are You Tired of Scorpions Invading Your Las Sendas Home? Call Us Today!

    Get rid of venomous and unsightly scorpions for good with our state of the art Scorpion Barrier treatment methods.

    Scorpion Pest Control Company Providing Services In Eastmark, Mesa

    Looking for Effective Scorpion Control Solutions in Eastmark? Let Us Help!

    We provide effective, long-lasting scorpion control for homes and businesses with pet safe and eco-friendly treatment methods.

    Scorpion Pest Control Company Providing Services In Northgrove, Mesa

    Are Scorpions Taking Over Your Property in Northgrove? We Are Here For You!

    Regain peace of mind and sleep in comfort knowing that your property is free of Arizona bark scorpions. We can help!

    Scorpion Pest Control Company Providing Services In Thunder Mountain, Mesa

    Worried About Scorpions in Your Thunder Mountain Home? Contact Us Now!

    With our comprehensive scorpion treatment and prevention methods, you’ll be free from worry about discovering scorpions in your home.

    FAQs About Our Scorpion Control Services

    How Often Should I Get My Property Inspected for Scorpion Infestations?

    We offer multiple Mesa scorpion control packages, depending on your needs. Homes that have had serious infestations may benefit from monthly service until all entrance points have been sealed and any feeding areas have been removed. We recommend a comprehensive inspection of your home at least once a year to ensure that there are no new areas where scorpions could be entering. Attics, unused bedrooms, corners of the basement, and other undisturbed areas of your home should be inspected more frequently.

    Will I Have to Leave My Home During the Scorpion Extermination Process?

    We encourage you to stay with us while we inspect your home so we can show you areas that may be problematic or require additional work to prevent scorpions from re-entering your home. Although our sprays and products are eco-friendly and safe for pets, you may prefer to leave your home during the application. However, this is not required and you may stay.

    How Many Visits are Needed to Get Rid of Scorpions in My Home?

    This will depend on the extent and severity of the scorpion infestation. In many cases, we can inspect your home and exterminate any scorpions we find in one visit. If your home requires more significant repairs to eliminate gaps and cracks that are enabling scorpions to enter your home, more than one visit may be required for a comprehensive extermination and treatment. Your Mesa scorpion pest control technician will let you know how many visits are anticipated for full treatment.

    Are Your Scorpion Removal Methods Safe for My Pets & Children?

    We use products that are eco-friendly and safe for pets and children. In fact, as a family owned and operated business, we won’t use any products that we wouldn’t feel comfortable using in our own homes! With Mesa scorpion removal from Varsity Termite & Pest Control, you can feel confident that we will use methods that are safe for your whole family. We also use a variety of methods that do not involve chemicals or sprays, including elimination of feeding and nesting spots and sealing potential entrance points.

    How Long Will Your Pest Control Company Take to get rid of Scorpions?

    Our Scorpion Barrier methods work quickly. When we inspect your home, our technicians will immediately exterminate any scorpions we find on site. Eliminating feeding and nesting areas, along with sealing up potential entrance points, can quickly reduce and eliminate the scorpion population in and near your home. We may also recommend cleaning up specific areas of your yard that may be sheltering scorpions to reduce risk and prevent future infestations.

    What’s The Best Way to Prevent Scorpion Infestations & Protect My Home?

    Arizona bark scorpions are small and can enter your home through very tiny entrance points. Common points of access include damaged door seals, windows that don’t close properly, foundation cracks, damaged flashing, exhaust fans, and missing roof tiles. Cleaning up brush and debris around your yard, maintaining any lawn, trimming trees, and other outside maintenance is an effective way to prevent infestations. Additionally, we will recommend removing any potential sources of food and water, which can include dripping faucets or plumbing leaks.

    Where is the Arizona Bark Scorpion Usually Found?

    Arizona bark scorpions tend to hide in undisturbed areas such as attics, spare bedrooms, inside rarely used closets or cabinets, underneath furniture, and in dark corners of basements or garages. Occasionally, individuals may find Arizona bark scorpions hiding in their shoes or underneath piles of clothing on the floor, inside cardboard boxes in storage, underneath wood chips or other landscaping materials near their home, in firewood piles, and underneath decks.

    How are Arizona Bark Scorpions Different from Other Scorpions?

    Most scorpions are not poisonous, despite their appearance, and live on their own. However, Arizona bark scorpions are venomous. Their stings can cause serious reactions, including paralysis, severe pain, and difficulty breathing, and may lead to death in rare cases. The Arizona bark scorpion is very small and difficult to see due to its coloring, and tends to live in groups of 20-30. If you see one bark scorpion around your home, there are likely a few dozen more hiding somewhere inside your home. Contact Varsity Termite & Pest Control for help with eradication.

    Contact Mesa’s Preferred Scorpion Control Company

    Get in touch with the expert Mesa scorpion removal professionals at Varsity Termite & Pest Control. We offer the latest methods and innovative techniques to remove scorpions from your home or business so you can relax, free of worry that you’ll discover a scorpion or suffer from a painful sting. We have helped hundreds of others and can help you, too!

      Contact Mesa’s Preferred Scorpion Control Company

      Read more about our pest control methods and discover tips on how to prevent scorpion infestations when you read our blog!

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