The Importance Of Pet-Friendly Pest Control In Arizona

Mesa pest control takes on a new direction when you have pets in your home. Not only do you need to eradicate the pests that may be harmful to your beloved dogs, cats, or other pets, but you also need to choose pest control solutions that are safe for your pets.

Working with the right East Valley pest control technician can help you decide on the right pest services for the safety of your whole family, including your pets. Here are a few things that your technician will likely discuss with you:
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Pests That Can Be Harmful To Pets

There are many pests that can be more than just a nuisance to your pets. Some of these pests can actually cause health problems for your pets:


These flying pests can do more than make your pets scratch and bite. They can also transmit heartworm larvae, which can lead to an infection that can make dogs and cats seriously ill and even lead to their deaths.


These blood-sucking pests can cause a variety of diseases and illnesses, which can prove life-threatening, including Lyme disease.


Fleas are so common for cats and dogs, but they can be harmful. Not only can they cause incessant itching that can lead to festering sores and infections, but they can also carry tapeworms and bacteria that can cause cat-scratch fever and more.

It is important to keep your home free of these pests to minimize the risk to your pets, even if they are indoor pets.

Safe Pest Control Measures

Your pest control technician in Mesa will present you with the most effective solutions for removing these and other pests from your home or for preventing them from taking up residence in your home. Typically, there will be pet-safe options. Where there are not pet-safe options, your pest control technician will help you take measures to protect your pets from the treatment, including:

  • Keeping pets away from the home (or out of the treatment area) during the pest control service
  • Keeping pets away from the treated area for a certain amount of time until the solution dries or the residue will no longer be harmful
  • Removing food and water, bedding, and toys during the treatment
  • Removing or covering cages and tanks before the treatment

Your technician will discuss any additional steps you can take, depending on the type of pet you have.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

In addition to hiring an Ahwatukee pest control company to professionally treat your home, you can protect your pets and your home from the damaging effects of many pests by taking some simple preventive measures. Some effective options include:

  • Washing and drying your pet’s bedding frequently
  • Regularly cleaning your pet’s toys
  • Storing pet food in air-tight containers
  • Cleaning cages regularly
  • Replace water frequently and clean up any standing water
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your home that will let pests get inside
  • Clean up brush in your yard
  • Mow the lawn regularly and keep bushes trimmed

You should also consult with your veterinarian to put your pets on preventive medications, such as flea and tick prevention medicine. You should also check your pets regularly for signs of pests like fleas and ticks. The sooner you know that there is a problem, the sooner you can contact a pest control company to take action and protect your pets.

Work with a good Gilbert pest control company to develop a comprehensive plan to protect your home from harmful pests that could threaten your home, your family, and your pets. A good company will offer preventive treatments, as well as solutions for removing active infestations. The company will also help you understand the best ways to reduce risk by making changes to your daily routine.

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