The winter months are approaching, and the temperatures are going to lower, which means that pests and rodents are going to travel farther in search of food and shelter, and they are more likely to come into your home in search of warmth.

Though Arizona enjoys generally milder weather throughout the year, the temperatures can still drop low enough for pests and rodents to become a problem.

In addition to working with a Mesa’s trusted termite control company to get the ongoing pest services you need to protect your home, here are six things you can do during the winter to keep rodents out of your house:


Keep the Trash Covered

Trash is a smorgasbord for rodents. You might not think that you’ve left any food scraps in there or that there are any bits that are attractive to rodents, but it is easy to overlook items like empty peanut butter jars or cereal boxes that still have crumbs and smears that are plenty tasty to rodents. Even the smell of bygone food can bring all the rodents to your yard.

Keep your trash can covered to keep the rodents away. If the can already has a lid, make sure that you lock it or that you put a heavy object on top. Some rodents can still lift a trash lid, so just closing it over may not be enough.

Cut Back Vegetation and Brush

Tree branches, overgrown bushes, vines, and more can all provide a bridge for rodents right into your house. They can climb on that overgrown brush and access vents, cracks, and other spaces to get into your home. You may not think that the space is big enough to let in a rodent, but you will be surprised at how little space these pests need to get inside your home.Spend this time cutting back bushes, tree branches and other brush that can facilitate rodents.

Clean Up Your Yard

Your yard may have piles of brush or leaf litter that can create nice dens for rodents – or nice dens for other pests that rodents will eat, attracting them closer to your home.

Spend some time this fall cleaning up the wood and brush piles in your yard to eliminate this temptation. Your goal is to make your yard as boring as possible to rodents.

If you store firewood, make sure it is at least 20 feet away from your home. Check the pile frequently for signs of pest invasion.

Secure Pet Food

When rodents are on the hunt for food, your bag of dog food is going to look like a buffet. It may be warm enough to keep your dog or its food outside, but you should make sure any food is kept in an airtight container that cannot be broken open. Otherwise, the smell will attract rodents, and it is very likely that they will be able to get inside, giving them a reason to stay awhile.

Keep all pet food inside if you can. If you can’t, or don’t want to, at least make sure that it is properly stored so that it isn’t a temptation for rodents.

Keep Bird Feeders Out of Reach

You know from your troubles with squirrels that birds aren’t the only ones who love to eat that delicious bird feed you put in the feeders. Your bird feeders can attract raccoons, possums, rats, and more.

If you must feed the birds, make sure you hang these feeders high off the ground and far away from your house. Store any extra feed just as you would your pet food.

Screen Your Vents

Rodents can get into your house through very small spaces, including your vents. Don’t think that they won’t come inside just because there is hot air coming out of those vents. (The warm air may even be an enticement, depending on how cold it is outside.)

Put some screens over any vents on your walls, along your foundation, or on your roof. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, hire a professional to do it for you.

Taking these and additional steps can increase the protection around your house this winter so that you don’t get any unwelcome visitors while you are enjoying your holidays. To get the maximum protection, you’ll need to work with a Phoenix pest control company to implement a treatment and maintenance plan.

Call Varsity Pest & Termite Control in Mesa in Chandler to talk about your options for pest control. A pest control technician from our team can inspect your property and develop a tailored pest control plan based on the unique characteristics of your property and your goals. Call us in Chandler today to learn more about our affordable pest services!

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