Scorpions are a fact of life in Arizona, but you don’t have to settle for having them in your home. You can protect your home from these pesky invaders so that you never again have to worry about putting your foot in a slipper and getting a painful pinch. You can sleep easy at night knowing that you won’t wake up to the sight of a living nightmare – a bark scorpion on the wall directly over your head.

Key to keeping scorpions out of your Arizona home is sealing it from the inside and the outside to ensure that they have no way to enter (or to escape when an exterminator treats the area). Here’s a look at the most common places that scorpions enter your home, as well as information about how they are sealed:

Bark Scorpion

Doors and Windows

An open door or window is an open invitation to a scorpion. They don’t know that they are crossing a threshold into your home – they just know that they are on a hunt for food, water, or shelter. Some scorpions climb on walls, so they will also come in through an open window. We know it gets hot in Arizona, but don’t be tempted to leave the doors or windows open on nice days. Keep everything closed up tight and turn on the air conditioner.

Know that scorpions can get in through your doors and windows even if they are closed. They can squish themselves through the cracks in the caulking or seals around the frame. Make sure that the seals are intact around the whole frame. They can also slip in under the door, so make sure you have a rubber sweep attached and that is in good condition.

Weep Holes

Weep holes are the gaps between the stucco or siding of your house and the foundation. The exterior cladding typically extends below the exterior wall sheeting and rests just above the top of the foundation, but there is a gap underneath it. These are the perfect spots for scorpions to get into the house, and you will often find a lot of scorpions in the space at the base of unfinished garage walls.

You will need to hire scorpion control experts to seal the weeps on your home and block these common entryways.


Your home needs vents for proper temperature and moisture control. Without the right ventilation, humidity will build up, which can contribute to the growth of mold and can damage the wood in your home. However, these vents offer the perfect opening for scorpions, no matter where they are located. Scorpions will climb, and even the vents on your roof are welcome entry points to your home.

Vents can’t be blocked, but they can be covered with a fine mesh that will allow the air to pass in and out but that will block scorpions. This mesh has to be sealed well around the edge of the vent to ensure that there are no opportunities for scorpions to enter.

Other Gaps

Scorpions can slip into a crack that’s as small as a sixteenth of an inch, so there are literally hundreds of places around your house that they can get inside. Cracks in the walls, the spaces around wires, the small gaps around plumbing, and even the eaves under your roof can all give scorpions the opportunity to get inside your home.

You can’t possibly find and seal all the entry points in your home yourself. That’s why it’s important to hire the experts, who know where to look and how to seal every potential point of entry to your home. Mesa’s leading pest & termite control services can seal your home from the inside and the outside, ensuring that there are no vulnerabilities to allow in scorpions.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control offers comprehensive scorpion sealing to protect your home against scorpions and to make treatments more effective for scorpions that may already be present. We can seal your home and offer ongoing treatment to ensure that your home is scorpion-free. We also offer treatments for other common Arizona pests, which can make your home a clean and peaceful place for you and your family. Call us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation.

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