How To Keep Roaches Away From Your Arizona Apartment

Everyone wants their apartment to be their sanctuary. Unfortunately, a cockroach infestation is one of the surest ways to ruin the comfort and tranquility of your home and requires eradication from a Phoenix pest control company. Cockroaches carry disease, cause allergies, and even make your apartment smell.

If you have seen cockroaches or suspect an infestation, your first step should always be to contact your property manager or landlord so they can help with the situation. You’ll need to quickly call Phoenix pest control for effective removal before it spreads to other tenants in your building. When it comes to cockroaches, it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive. Learn how to prevent a cockroach infestation and keep these pests out so you can enjoy your home without worry.

How To Keep Roaches Away From Your Apartment In Phoenix, AZ

How To Prevent Cockroach Infestations

Clean Your Apartment Regularly

Probably the most important and effective way to prevent a cockroach infestation is to keep things clean. Cockroaches search homes for the food and water sources they need to survive, so start with your kitchen. Usually, areas related to cooking, eating, and food storage make the biggest difference. Contact Phoenix pest control for assistance, but here are some basic areas to consider while cleaning:

Avoid Piling Dirty Dishes In The Sink

While leaving a few dishes out overnight is not a big deal, leaving out piles of unwashed dirty dishes on a regular basis will attract roaches. If you frequently leave food remnants available, you’ll be inadvertently creating a source of consistent food for cockroaches and will end up needing a Gold Canyon pest control technician.

Clean Up Leftovers Right After Eating

Promptly put away dirty dishes used for eating and food preparation, wipe the counters, and store food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator. Leaving food out for long periods of time will attract cockroaches, and other pests such as mice or rats.

Keep Your Apartment Tidy

Be sure to clean up food packaging, such as pizza boxes and takeout containers, regularly. Sweep or vacuum your eating area and entire apartment, especially if you are carrying food from the kitchen to another area of your unit to eat.

Clean Out Cabinets

Arizona pest services will tell you that cabinets and pantries are places where crumbs are often missed. Keeping these areas regularly wiped out and organized will prevent cockroaches from finding scraps of food and making your apartment their new home.

Give Your Space a Deep Cleaning

This is an important step as it can help you find hiding spots for roaches and unknown sources of food. Tidy up any messes and find a place in your apartment for everything you own. Clean with products that sanitize and disinfect. Since roaches carry disease that can make humans very sick, you’ll want to make sure your space is clean. Start in the kitchen before you make your way through the rest of your home.

Seal Cracks In Walls Or Flooring & Any Leaks

Cockroaches can enter your apartment through even very tiny openings. To prevent this from happening, carefully remove any potential entrances by sealing up gaps, cracks, and crevices in your walls and flooring. Don’t forget to check under your door, around your plumbing pipes, and around your air conditioning or heating units. Be sure to discuss any findings with your property manager or landlord as they should be responsible for getting those areas sealed for you. A Tempe pest control technician can help you or your property manager discover any areas that need attention.

Make Sure Your Windows & Doors Are Properly Sealed

Talk with your property manager, and do your own inspection, to make sure that there are no gaps around your windows and exterior doors. Since cockroaches can fit through extremely small holes, you’ll want to make sure that everything is professionally and properly sealed. Contact Phoenix pest control for an inspection if you or your landlord are unsure about any areas in your apartment building.

In Case Of a Cockroach Infestation, Hire a Professional Pest Control Company In Phoenix

If you have, or suspect you have, a cockroach infestation, talk with a Chandler pest control company so that they can be completely eradicated. Always contact your landlord or property manager first, as they may be responsible for the cost and because the treatments will likely affect your neighbors as well. Everyone may need to leave the premises for a certain period of time.

If you need help preventing a cockroach infestation, or suspect you are dealing with one, contact Varsity Termite and Pest Control. We are one of the best Phoenix pest control companies in Arizona. Our trained technicians use the very best products available, which are usually natural or organic, so you can feel confident they will be safe around your children and pets. For respectful and effective pest control in the greater Phoenix area, contact us today and get your free consultation.

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