Why Are Termites Attracted to Your Home in Arizona?

Termites are the stuff of nightmares for homeowners. These tiny pests are hard to see, and they like to hang out in the dark and behind walls, making it even harder to spot them. At the same time, they chew through the wood in the home non-stop. With enough termites working for long enough, whole walls and structures can be demolished.

5 Common Causes of a Termite Infestation

You may be baffled to learn that you have termites, and one of the first questions you may have is, “Where did they come from?” or “How did they get in?” Unfortunately, just keeping a clean home and a trimmed yard is not enough to keep these pests away. Here are five common causes of a termite infestation.

How Arizona’s Hot and Humid Climate Attracts Termites

Sometimes, you just live in a place that is more prone to termite infestations because of the local climate. Unfortunately, if you live in Arizona, you have earned the bad luck of being in such a place. There are many termite species active in Arizona, and these pests are a common problem for homeowners here.

Arizona is hot all year round, and it gets very wet during the monsoon season. Hot and wet are two conditions that termites love, and these pests are a problem in cities throughout the state.

How Moisture Around Your Home Can Attract Termites

Even if it’s not the rainy season, there can still be plenty of moisture in and around your home to attract termites. You might have standing water near your home because of poor drainage, or you might have too much moisture in an attic or crawl space because of poor ventilation. You can also have problems with moisture if your septic system backs up or your plumbing fails.

Do what you can to keep your area dry. Clean your gutters. Talk to a landscape specialist about proper drainage in your yard. Get a regular plumbing inspection, and make plumbing repairs as soon as they are needed. Have your crawl space and attic checked, and make any corrections that are needed to the ventilation. Not only will these measures keep termites out, but they will also deter other pests and prevent damage to your home.

How Gaps & Cracks in Your Foundation Can Invite Termites

Termites love to nest under concrete foundations. The area is dark and moist all the time, and it creates the perfect home for termites. If there are any gaps or cracks in your foundation, termites will channel through them in search of food, and they will likely find it in your home.

Termites will also exploit the cracks and gaps around your exterior, even if you don’t have a concrete slab. Make sure you check your home regularly and fill any cracks you note.

Eliminate Wood-to-House Contact to Deter Termites

Termites eat wood. If any wood touches your home, the termites may be attracted to it. When they are finished eating it, they may keep on moving right into your house, dining on the wooden beams, floors, and more.

Keep wood away from your home. That includes untreated mulch, stacks of firewood, branches, and dead shrubs. These can all attract termites and serve as conduits into your home.

Why Annual Termite Inspections Are Essential for Homeowners

You need to schedule a termite inspection for your home once a year. Termites can operate silently and unnoticed for a long time before you know they are there, and by the time you figure it out, they will likely have caused extensive damage. By getting an annual termite inspection, you will find termites in the earliest stages and minimize the risk to your home.

By understanding how termites get into your home, you can better understand what steps to take to keep them out. You know to keep moisture in your home in check, to keep wood away from your home, to seal exterior cracks, and to schedule an annual inspection. You may still get termites if you take these steps, but your risk will be limited.

You can increase your home’s protection against termites by calling Varsity Pest & Termite Control to set up a pest control maintenance plan. We’ll inspect your home to determine if you have termites or other pests, and we’ll create a comprehensive plan to eliminate those pests and protect your home against future invasions. We use safe and effective pest control solutions. Contact us to learn more about affordable termite control options or to schedule an inspection.


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