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    “Guy that came out for my termite problem was very knowledgeable, explained everything thoroughly and did a great job. Would definitely recommend them to others for termite control in the Mesa area.”

    Terry J. – Mesa


    5 Star Customer Service!

    “5 star workmanship and customer service. I haven’t had termites in years since first calling Varsity for my termite inspection and treatment. Their termite prevention package has made my life worry free!”

    Elizabeth L. – Gilbert


    I tell all my friends about Varsity!

    “Tony called me within 5 minutes of my hitting the submit button for a scorpion quote. I never heard from the other two competitors. The job was done the next day and he even directed me to the $100 discount coupon. The scorpions are gone and my kids are safe again. I will be calling Varsity again and telling my friends about them.”

    Brittany R. – Chandler


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    Termite Treatment and Control in Arizona

    A good technician is your “best friend” if you have Termites. Varsity Termite technicians are trained in the latest and very best termite treatment methods. At Varsity Termite Control we are a family run company that puts customers first. The customers are our top priority. We strive daily to be the best company we can be – going the extra mile for our customers’ needs. We provide convenient, local termite protection Valley Wide – from Phoenix, to Scottsdale, to Mesa, down to Maricopa and more.

    Varsity technicians make the difference. The trick is in the details! When your Termite technician takes the time to treat the areas Termite colonies hide you will see great results. At Varsity we are about the details so “you stop seeing Termites!”


    Varsity Termite & Pest Control Team

    These little critters cause billions of dollars in damage each year across the country. Arizona unfortunately is not exempt from them. More often than not, standard homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage, so it is wise to be proactive in getting professional help regarding termite control and removal. Both the monetary drain and the thought of thousands of winged termites emerging inside your home can be very stressful. While termites primarily feed on wood, they also damage insulation, paper, book, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. When buying or selling a home, the issue of termites becomes especially important as the sale is normally conditional on a termite inspection/infestation report.



    Discovering winged termites indoors almost always indicates an infestation whichwarrants termite treatment. Ants are often confused with termites, which often swarm at the same time of year. You can tell the difference as termites have straight antennae, uniform waist and wings of equal size (ants have elbowed antennae, constricted waists and forewings that are longer than the hind wings).

    Thorough and Professional Pest Inspections


    Evidence of mud tunneling in, under, and over foundation walls, support piers, sill plates, floor joists, etc. is a clear sign of subterranean termites. These mud tubes are typically about the diameter of a pencil and can sometimes be thicker. Varsity advises for removal of mud tunnels and cellulose debris by a professional termite control company.

    Preventative Pest Control and Management


    Wood that is damaged, has dark or blistering surfaces, or is very thin and easily bendable or breakable may also be a sign of drywood termite infestation. Termite-damaged wood is usually hollowed out along the grain, with bits of dried mud or soil lining the feeding galleries. Wood damaged by other insects such as carpenter ants or by moisture will not have this appearance. A termite inspection is recommended.

    Damaged Wood

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