Scorpions are nasty little creatures, and they’re a nuisance. Not many people would dispute those claims. However, because scorpions near Phoenix are so terrifying to many, some misinformation gets spread about them, leading to myths that many people believe but that are not true.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear: Myths and Facts about Scorpions

Myths about scorpions may not seem to be that harmful, but they can be if you are acting on misinformation when scorpions are in your home. It’s important that you know the truth so that you can take the right steps to protect your family and your home.

Here’s what you need to know to separate fact from fiction:

Myth: Scorpions Bite and Sting

Scorpions do not have teeth, so they cannot bite. However, they do have a large stinger on the end of their tails that not only hurts but also delivers venom. They use this stinger for defense, and it will hurt if they use it on you.

Scorpions also have large claws at the front of their bodies, but they rarely use these for defense. They may wave them at you to look menacing, but they are unlikely to use them on you.

Myth: Scorpion Stings are Fatal

If you get stung by a scorpion, it may hurt a lot but you probably aren’t going to die. The only scorpion in the United States that can deliver a fatal sting is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Therefore, it is important for you to ID the scorpion if you are stung. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to seek medical help to take precautions.

The other scenario in which a scorpion sting can be fatal is if you are allergic to the venom, similar to how a bee sting can be fatal if you are allergic. You will know quickly if you allergic because you will experience symptoms like swelling lips, hives, rash, and trouble breathing. If you are experiencing allergic symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Myth: Large Scorpions are More Dangerous

The most dangerous scorpion in the United States is the Arizona Bark Scorpion, which is also the smallest species of scorpion in Arizona. The Bark Scorpion is actually about the size of a nickel. The size of a scorpion does not correlate to the potency of its venom or the damage it can inflict. Any size scorpion can be a nuisance and can cause painful stings.

Myth: Scorpions are Aggressive

Scorpions seem scary and dangerous because of their extreme look and how painful their stings can be. But scorpions are not as aggressive as they may look. In fact, scorpions are mostly hermits. They like to stay out of sight, under rocks and other debris. They want to be in the dark and away from predators.

Scorpions will avoid humans as much as they can. They know that humans are a threat, and they are more interested in self-preservation. Scorpions are only likely to attack if they feel threatened, such as if you surprise them by putting your hand into a box where they are or putting your fit into a shoe where they are hiding.

Myth: Scorpion Stings Leave behind a Mark

You may feel something and wonder if you’ve been stung by a scorpion, bitten by an ant, bitten by a spider, or something else. You may look at the spot where you feel the pain, see nothing, and decide that it couldn’t have been a scorpion because you don’t see a mark. However, there may not be any visible signs if you have been stung by a scorpion. The most obvious sign that you have tangled with a scorpion is the burning feeling you will have.

Scorpions are elusive and scary-looking creatures, and that can spur a lot of myths about them. But knowing the truth can help you know what you really need to look for and how you need to handle your scorpion problem.

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