How To Get Rid Of Termites In Hard To Reach Places In Your Arizona Home

You know that termites can be devastating for your home. However, you may develop a false sense of security about your home simply because you can’t see the termites – or even signs of their presence. The fact is that termites can burrow deep inside your home, causing extensive destruction, without you ever knowing they are there.

You shouldn’t wait until you see signs of termites or termite damage to call a pest control company in Gilbert or think about termite prevention. By the time you see those signs, the damage can already be quite severe. Instead, you need to call a Gilbert termite control specialist to find these pests in those inaccessible areas of your home and to apply the proper treatments.

Treating Termite Infestations in Inaccessible Areas in Your Home

Finding the Termites

You need to get regular termite inspections to find any possible infestations before they grow too large. You can’t conduct this inspection yourself by just going in your attic or crawlspace and looking at your beams and walls. You need to hire a pest control company in Cave Creek to perform a thorough, professional termite inspection.

One way that the Cave Creek pest control technician will look for evidence of termites is to drill small holes in areas that are deep in your home. Then the technician will insert a small probe, known as a boroscope, to look for termites or damage they may have caused. This method is far more effective than previous methods that involved removing whole sections of drywall or other materials.

Treating for Termites

If the technician finds evidence of termites, a treatment will need to be applied right away. Termites can keep chewing through your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can’t waste a minute in fighting them.

One popular treatment method is to apply a professionally formulated orange oil solution into the holes that were drilled, as well as in additional holes drilled all around that area. The wood absorbs the oil, and the termites eat the poison-soaked wood and die. All holes are patched, so you don’t see any damage to your home. However, you have the peace of knowing that the termites in your home are being dispatched.

Preventing Termite Infestation

You never know when termites can take up residence in your home. It is nearly impossible to detect termites before they have had a chance to damage your home. Only extreme luck would help you there, and you don’t want to gamble your home on luck.

Instead, you must commit to getting preventive treatments for your home. Barrier treatments can be applied to the area around your home, as well as in common entry points, such as your crawl space. Your Gilbert pest control technician can also talk to you about changes you can make around your home to make it less susceptible to an infestation, such as removing mulch from your perimeter, keeping leaf litter and wood away from your home, and keeping stacks of firewood and newspaper out of your house.

Termites can be a serious nuisance to your home. They can cause major damage to your home that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair, and they can do so in total obscurity for months without you ever knowing it. You need to take an offensive rather than a defensive approach. You need to get regular termite inspections, and you need to invest in a protective termite treatment. You’ll prevent major damage to your home and save yourself a lot of money. You’ll also keep your home safe and make it a tranquil environment for your family.

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