Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods For Termites In Arizona

You may put off getting Mesa termite control and eradication services for your home because you don’t like the idea of harmful chemicals being sprayed around your home, negatively affecting your family, your pets, and, ultimately, the environment. You may even decide that you can just tolerate the pests, but that would not be a good choice for your home. Termites can cause serious damage to your home, very quickly, undermining the safety of your home and costing you thousands of dollars.

You can use environmentally friendly measures to keep termites out of your house, starting with preventing them, but including removing them. Here are a few environmentally friendly approaches you can take to termite control:

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods For Termites In Arizona

Termites In Wood Piles

Termites are attracted to wood. That’s why they end up in your house. They’re looking for wood to eat. If you have a lot of wood in your yard, you are inviting the termites closer to your home. They might get done with that pile of firewood or the leaf litter in your yard and head into your house next.

One of the most environmentally friendly termite control measures is to keep them out of your home right from the start, and one of the ways you can do that is to keep wood and other organic matter that attracts them away from your property. Keep your yard clean, and keep any firewood you need at the far edge of your property.

Create a Barrier Around Your Foundation To Prevent Underground Termites

Many termites commonly found in Arizona travel underground and through mud tubes, which helps them get into your home through your foundation. You can make it less likely that termites will get into your home by tunneling underground or building mud tunnels to your home. Finding mud tunnels on your foundation is a way to know that you have termites.

You can deter termites from your home by creating a barrier around your foundation. There should be at least seven inches between your foundation and the soil. Talk to a professional about what materials should be used and how to implement this solution.

Heat Treatment For Termites

Termites can be killed off by the heat. Unfortunately, the temperatures required are so high – 120 degrees or more – that you cannot stay in the home at the same time and you are unlikely to accomplish this with your home’s thermostat. You will need to get the assistance of a Mesa’s trusted pest & termite control company, which can use special tools and techniques to apply the heat where the termites are most likely to be burrowing.

Termite Poisoning

Most pesticides that are bad for the environment are poisonous to the pests. That’s how they work. However, with termites, there is a poison that can kill them that will also not spread to the rest of your home or the local environment. These poisons are applied directly to the wood in your home. The termites eat the wood and die. You get rid of your termite problem without worrying about harm to your family or to the environment.

Termite Freezing

Liquid nitrogen freezing is another eco-friendly way to kill termites. Similar to heating up termites to kill them, this method freezes them to kill them. The only beings harmed are the termites. You cannot perform this treatment on your own. You must enlist the help of a professional termite and pest control company in Mesa to perform it effectively and safely.

There are many options for getting rid of termites in your home without harming the environment or creating toxic risks for your family or pets. Call a reputable termite company to learn more about these and other potential termite control solutions that are safe for your home and the environment.

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Varsity Termite and Pest Control is ready to help. We offer affordable termite control solutions that are also safe for your family and for the environment. We can talk you through safe termite prevention measures, and we can help you understand your options for ridding your home of any termites that have already taken up residence in your home. We’ll ensure that all termites are removed from your home and that they are kept out. Contact us in Mesa today to meet with a termite and pest control technician to learn more.

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