Older homes come with a lot of problems, but they also have a lot more charm and character than many of the homes built today. Plus, if you’ve been living in the house a long time, you may not want to move. The house has become your home, and you have a lot of important memories there.

You don’t have to give up on your older home. You just need to take the right steps to protect it so that you can continue enjoying it for many years to come. Protecting it from pests is especially important since they can damage your home and threaten the safety of your family.

It’s important that you work with a pest control technician around the Valley to give your home the pest control maintenance it needs. But you also need to understand how your home’s aging process contributes to the pest problem so that you can take proactive steps to prevent infestation. Here are a few ways that the age of your home can leave it susceptible to pests:

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There are Lots of Crack and Holes

As your home ages, many of its materials break down, leaving behind cracks and small holes that allow pests to enter your home. Other materials expand and contract with pressure or changes in the temperature, and as the materials age, that movement can cause the material to break down, again leaving behind openings for pests.

Check your property routinely for cracks and holes, and repair them as you find them. Patch cracks with caulk or another suitable compound. Replace materials that are rotting, rather than trying to patch them. You’ll only cost yourself more money in bigger repairs down the line.

Window and Door Frames are Drafty

Windows and doors are large, intentional holes in your home. But the frames around them should be tight, leaving behind no cracks or gaps. If you look closely at the doors and windows in your older home, you will likely see a lot of space, which is allowing pests to enter.

You can check the spacing around your door by closing it and checking for signs of light. If you can see any light around the frame, there are cracks. Seal them with caulk and a new door sweep. Check the window frames closely, and seal any cracks you see with caulk.

Additions Weren’t Treated

People who live in older houses for a long time often add onto the house, rather than move out and into a bigger house. They might add on a room, a garage, or an enclosed patio. The problem is that many people who put an addition on the house skip the step of putting down a termite barrier or getting a proper termite treatment. That means that all the square footage that addition occupies is vulnerable to pests, and it is creating an entryway to the rest of the home for pests.

If your home has an addition, talk to a pest control technician near Phoenix about treating it properly for termites and other pests. Every part of your home needs to work together as a defense against pests.

There are Moisture Problems

Pests love moisture. They will go anywhere they find water to drink, and many love living in humid conditions. These are the perfect conditions they’ll find in attics, basements, and crawl spaces that are not properly ventilated or that have plumbing leaks traveling to them.

Go to these spaces and get a feel for them. If they feel stuffy or humid, you need to call in a professional to check the ventilation. If you see pooling water or signs of water damage, you need to call a plumber.

They’re Close to Other Older Homes

Most houses are built around the same time in a neighborhood, give or take a few years or so. That means that if you have an older house, you probably live next to an older house. In fact, you are probably surrounded on all sides by older houses. While the materials in your house are degrading and letting pests in, so are the materials on your neighbors’ houses.

You may be vigilant about pest control, but that doesn’t mean that your neighbors are. You may be more vulnerable just because your neighbors are creating hotels for pests, so you need to be diligent about sticking to a pest control schedule and maintaining your home.

You can enjoy your older home without having to share it with pests. You just need to be proactive about keeping your home in good condition, and you need to work closely with a pest control technician in Arizona to get the right preventive treatments for your home.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control can help. We offer pest services throughout the Phoenix area, including for termites, scorpions, mice, pigeons, ants, rats, and other common pests. We can create a comprehensive pest control plan that will eliminate any pests currently in your home and protect it from future infestations. Call us today to schedule your inspection or to talk with a pest control technician.

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