Cockroach Pest Control Experts Explain How To Keep Roaches Away From Your Business

Cockroaches are nasty creatures that can spread disease and can send chills up the spine of anyone who sees them. They’re embarrassing enough if they’re in your home, but imagine how devastating they can be if they are in your business. What will a customer think if they see a cockroach run across the floor? Or worse, their table?

Having roaches in your business can undermine your customers’ trust and destroy your reputation. It can also land you a big fine from the health department and potentially lead to bigger problems. You need to work with a great pest control company in Mesa to get rid of any roaches you may have and to ensure that they stay out.

How To Keep Roaches Away From Your Business In Mesa, AZ

Taking preventive measures can also keep your business free of roaches. Here are some of the risks you’ll need to manage to keep cockroaches out of your business:

Food Scraps: Maintain Strict Cleaning Standards To Keep Cockroaches Away

Roaches come to your business in search of food. If you operate a restaurant, unfortunately, there’s plenty available. Even if you think you are being clean, food scraps that fall on the ground during prep, fall behind counters or bins, or that are in the trash can will all attract roaches. Even the crumbs in your booths can be enough to bring in roaches. You won’t be able to clean enough to keep them away. You need professional pest control prevention in Chandler to protect your business.

Even if you don’t sell food in your business, you may be surprised at how much food can get inside. You may have it in your break room, or you may have it from celebrations like office birthdays. You need to maintain strict cleaning standards to keep your business free of any food.

Hidden Spills Attract Roaches

You may think you’re doing a pretty good job of cleaning up messes as soon as they occur. However, you may overlook hidden spills areas. For example, fruit juice might run under a refrigerator. You clean up the spill, but you don’t realize how much has gotten under the refrigerator. You walk away, thinking everything is cleaned up, and you leave behind a smorgasbord for the roaches.

Clean all spills thoroughly. Follow up with a cleaning agent so you can get any trace of residue. The roaches don’t need much to be happy.

Remove Garbage & Clutter For Cockroach Prevention

Roaches eat more than food scraps. They also eat paper, cardboard, and cloth. You can’t keep piles of old newspapers lying around. Ditto for junk mail, old packaging, and any other trash. You need to take out your trash every day, and you need to keep your business free of clutter.

You won’t be able to avoid keeping some of these items on hand, such as boxes of paper if you run an office. But you can keep them in proper containers, and you can keep the area clean and orderly.

Do Cockroaches Like Water?

Besides food, roaches also need water. Be mindful of your plumbing, and make sure you don’t have any leaks, however minor. Make sure all faucets are turned off completely. Keep an eye out for signs of leaks, such as water around sinks, toilets, and other water sources.

Also be mindful of water leaking from appliances, such as refrigerators or dishwashers. Call in the appropriate technician to make needed repairs as soon as possible when you notice any signs of trouble.

Cracks & Holes: How To Stop Roaches From Entering Your Business

Roaches can slip through the tiniest of spaces to get into your business. You can take measures to keep them out by having your space thoroughly inspected for any cracks or holes and having those patched. Look around spaces like windows, vents, outlets, and other openings in the walls and ceilings. Hire the appropriate professional to make the necessary patch to ensure that it is tight and long-lasting.

Knowing these vulnerabilities and correcting them is just part of protecting your business against roaches. The most important thing you can do is hire a reputable Gilbert pest control company to apply protective pest control treatments to keep the roaches out. You’ll have real peace of mind with the professionals on your side, and you’ll know that your business will be clean and will make the right impression on your customers.

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Call Varsity Termite and Pest Control in Phoenix to learn how we can help protect your business from roaches and other pests. We offer comprehensive pest control services to get rid of any pests that are in your business and to prevent any new ones from coming in. We treat roaches, as well as other common pests, such as ants, scorpions, crickets, mice, rats, termites, and pigeons. Call us in Phoenix today to schedule a consultation with a pest control technician and learn more about your options.

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