Does Sentricon work to keep termites out of your home? This is a continuing question from homeowners who have concerns about hungry termites. There have been many articles written about the effectiveness of feeding stations and opinions are widely varied. There does not seem to be a great deal of documentation discounting or supporting this system.

In the 1990s when Sentricon was developed at the University of Florida, the established means of its use was to chemically treat a building first and use the bait stations afterwards. The idea was that the poison would deter the termites and they would become accustomed to eating at the bait stations. Once they became comfortable with being fed, the bait was treated with the slow acting chitin inhibitors.

Many exterminators use only the feed stations without the use of chemicals around the building. This has become popular because of the growing concern over poisons.

It may be years before there is enough documentation to show if Sentricon is the best termite solution available. In theory, it takes from three to five years for termite colonies to become extinct. During that time, there is a possibility that a new colony can arrive and begin to feed, too.

One thing is certain; when it comes to controlling termites, you should never attempt to do so yourself. Stick with a reputable pest control company with the experience necessary to both inspect your property and rid your structure of termites.

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