Black lights were a big fad some years ago, and there are still applications for them at parties and in commercial displays. The black light is also used in bug zappers because insects are mesmerized by it and are drawn to their demise because of its attraction.

Pest Control and Using Black Lights

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Pest control specialists use black light UV when they are looking for infestations. Mice or rat urine is detectable with the black light, which is indicative of how many rodents are in a house.

When someone suspects they have a scorpion infestation, the black light is a tool used for determining how advanced that infestation might be. A scorpion has fluorescent chemicals in its outer shell or cuticle, which glow under the black light. Running a test at night exposes the little buggers where the naked eye might otherwise miss them.

The study of scorpions with a black light helps an expert understand their travel patterns as well as where they nest. Black lights work best at night when there is less distraction.

Sclerotization is a big word that refers to the time after the scorpion sheds its outer shell and the new shell gets hard. During this time, the black light does not work as well because the fluorescent chemicals are not as strong.

Don’t spend time worrying about scorpion stings and having annoying creatures living in your home. Contact a qualified exterminator who can run a black light test and make your home safe again.

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