termite control mesaTermites are more active in subtropical and arid regions around the globe. Early detection of Termite Damage can help you save a lot of money. You can limit the damage of a Termite colony in your property by repairing termite damage as early as possible. Termites also devour wood from inside walls and the homeowner rarely detects their presence in his household, till it’s too late.

Termite infestation can be easily found out by observing structures like enclosed passageways and tubes made from soil, saliva, fecal matter. Once you find them in your property then you should quickly eliminate them. Please note that drywood termites dwell inside wooden constructions, structural timber and furniture and hardwood floors and gradually eat them away from the inside. You can find their presence by observing the signs of their presence like wood-colored mounds under the infested sections of wood. Subterranean termites eat along the grain and they inflict real damage on homes, fences and utility poles. The external signs of damage caused by termites are buckling of wooden furniture, swollen floors and ceilings. These areas looks like the damage has been inflected from water.

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Ways To Protect Your Home From Termites in Mesa Arizona

There are several effective ways to reduce the risk of termite attack on your precious property. Always eliminate direct contact of wood with the soil. The area in contact can provide the required moisture, food and shelter to the termites. You can use concrete bases to keep your Wood siding, latticework, door and window frames at least 6 inches from the ground.

Please remember that woods that has been pressure treated is also subjected to termite attacks because the woods may still have cut ends and cracks and the termites will enter through those cracks and cut ends or build tunnels over the surface of the pressure treated woods.

Cellulose materials like firewood, lumber, cardboard boxes and newspapers provide a source of food for the termites. If you are storing these materials against the foundation of your furniture or inside the crawl space then you are encouraging termite infection. Remove dead stumps and tree roots beneath your building occasionally. A professional termite control firm uses termiticide to remove termite infestation.

Many professional pest control firms in Arizona offer an option for annual renewal fee for the services rendered. If the termites re-infest the building then the pest control firms will retreat the affected property at no additional charge.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control is an experienced professional company. Contact us today for more information about termites or if you have any question or concerns regarding anything else about pests. You can also browse around our website or blog for more information. We will guarantee you won’t be wasting your money coming through us to get rid of any termites you may have. Varsity believes that customer satisfaction should be the number one priority in the pest control industry.

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