Many of the effective termite chemicals have been banned down through the years. The primary reason is that they were about as harmful to humans as they were to termites. Putting people’s safety above extermination of pests is a good direction to follow.

At one time, there were few poisons used for insect control. DDT was thought to be one of the best chemicals around for many years, until it became clear it was killing more than boll weevils and other crop insects. DDT was first introduced in 1874, but it wasn’t until 1939 that someone discovered its pesticide properties.


In 1962, “Silent Spring” was published, which began the movement to protect the environment and started awareness that chemicals can cause cancer and kill people as they decrease the insect population. In 1972, DDT was banned from use in the United States and that was followed by other civilized countries.

More recently, there have been many chemicals taken off the shelves because there is proof of the negative things they can do. Dursban was once the primary chemical for the home garden and flowerbed. It too was banned in 2001 because of the many negative factors and lawsuits linked to its use.

It is much more difficult for chemicals to get through the FDA’s approval today than ever before. While it often seems the government is too slow to approve new chemicals, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Getting termite protection from a qualified and licensed exterminator should provide some comfort that you are being provided with safe and effective service.

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