Spiders are sneaky little buggers. You could have a nest of them in your walls and never even know it unless you happened to catch one running across the floor or the counter top. You may see the occasional spider web, but you may chalk it up to poor housekeeping if you aren’t seeing its maker hanging out nearby.

Signs Spiders Infested Your Home

It’s important that you work with a Mesa’s trusted termite control company to regularly inspect your property and treat it for pests so you don’t get any unpleasant visitors. While some spiders can be helpful by keeping out other insects, some spiders are actually poisonous and harmful. Plus, too many of any spider is not something you want in your home.

Here are a few signs that spiders may have infested your Arizona home:


Seeing an occasional cobweb or spider web isn’t necessarily a sign of a problem. But if you knock down a web and see another one in the same spot over and over again, you probably have some active spiders. And if you see multiple spider webs around your house, you probably have a lot of active spiders.

Pay attention to areas you might not normally look, such as your closets, attic, garage, and crawl space. Many spiders like dark places that are not active, so these are usually favorite spots. Also remember that webs can take different shapes. Only some spiders create the classic orbs. Others create webs that are small and delicate, and some even create specially shaped webs, like some that look like funnels.


Seeing a spider egg sac means that you could soon have an infestation on your hands. A sac can hold up to 100 eggs, and if you have several spiders mating in your home, that number can multiply quickly. Then the following year, those spiders could mate and … you see the problem.

Egg sacs are easy to identify. They look like small cotton balls since they are woven of the same stuff spiders use to create their webs. The sacs are usually connected to surfaces or webs by a string. You could see them on the underside of tables, countertops, cabinets, and more. You could even see a spider carrying her own sac. If you do, get the spider and the sac out of your house!


Of course, the most obvious indication that you have a spider infestation is that you have a lot of spiders in your home or business. The spiders you see are likely only a fraction of the spiders present, so don’t brush it off if you see more than a handful of spiders. And remember that the spiders will multiply quickly.

A lot of spiders in your home indicates that there are likely other pests present. Spiders only go where they can find food, and they wouldn’t be squatting in your residence if they were starving. They are where they are because there are good eats available. If you see a lot of spiders in your place, there’s a good chance you need an East Valley exterminator for more than the spiders.

Signs of a spider infestation are not always obvious. You need to be proactive at inspecting your own property and staying aware of the changes within it. You also need to take steps to keep the pests out in the first place, such as by keeping your home free of clutter and keeping it well-maintained. A basic cleaning routine will go a long way toward keeping out most unwanted guests. If you own a business, keeping out pests is critical to your success.

When you need a good spider exterminator in Arizona, you need look no further than Mesa’s leading pest & termite control services. Our exterminators offer effective pest control to get spiders out and keep them out. Our ongoing treatment plans ensure that you do not experience a re-infestation of spiders, whether it is for your home or your business. We also offer pest control for other types of common pests in Arizona, such as scorpions, bed bugs, roof rats, and more. Call us to schedule an inspection with a East Valley spider exterminator or to talk about your other pest control needs.

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