How To Get Rid Of Mice On Your Arizona Property

You may be proud of being a nice host, but if there’s one creature you’d rather not invite to your home, it’s the mouse. Mice damage structures and carry diseases that can put your family’s health at risk. Luckily, getting rid of them is not impossible.

One of the most common rodents in Arizona is the field mice. If you suspect you have a mice infestation at home, there’s a high chance of being field mice. In this post, a Mesa Pest control technician shares some tips to help you find the best way to get rid of these small rodents.

How To Get Rid Of Mice On Your Arizona Property

What Are Field Mice In Arizona?

The field mouse, long-tailed field, or wood mouse, are among the most common rodents in Arizona. These creatures have a golden-brown body with a remarkable white underbelly. They are slightly different from the house mouse because of their size and tails; the tail of the field mouse is longer than its body.

Field mice are nocturnal, and they love to gather seeds if they are not hunting for insects. Their rodent pheromones let others know where good living conditions are, so they can become a pest quickly.

Field mice bring many issues to your house and your health, including musky odors, dangerous diseases, urine smell, and ruined property.

Where Do Field Mice Live?

Since they are night creatures, they prefer to forage in the evening. They relocate to a new property when there’s a lack of food or scarcity of water. They find human homes comfortable because of the easy access to food and heat.

Some of the most common areas where you can find them are piping systems, wire conduits, cracks in the foundations, attics, and basements.

Contact a Chandler pest control company as soon as you see one of these rodents in your house, as they can become a pest in just a few weeks.

How Can I Know If I Have A Field Mice Infestation?

Field mice are amazingly small, so you may not see them that easily. However, you can look for signs aside from their physical presence.

Take note of these signs to see if you have field mice at home:

  • Scratch-marks on shelves or food packaging. These are probably the most common sign of mice infestation, so be aware.
  • Scratching noises at night. Since field mice are nocturnal, you may hear them prowling at night within walls, and inside of false ceilings.
  • Mouse dropping. Their feces look like small, oblong pellets, and you can find them in the backs of cabinets or under sinks.
  • Footprints. If you have a basement or attic, you can track their small footprints.

How To Prevent Field Mice In Phoenix

One of the best things you can do to fight back against a pest is to prevent it from escalating in the first place. There are many things you can try to protect your home without having to call Mesa pest control services, although that may be your best option if you already have mice in your home.

Follow these recommendations to prevent field mice if you live in Phoenix:

  • Get rid of lumber piles.
  • Eliminate clutter and trash.
  • Eliminate waste immediately, especially cartons, boxes, and cardboard.
  • Fix Leaky Faucets.
  • Store food in rodent-proof containers.

How To Get Rid Of Field Mice

You can get rid of mice without professional help, but it’s still better to contact pest technicians.

If you want to try to eliminate mice on your own, follow these recommendations:

  • Seal entry points using caulk or weather-stripping to seal small holes.
  • Get a cat if no one in your family has cat allergies. Cats are natural predators of mice, so they may be the easiest way to get rid of mice pests.
  • Use natural mice repellents, such as essential oils, apple cider, and hot pepper solutions.
  • Use poison bait (although they can be extremely dangerous if you have pets).
  • Use classic wooden snap traps (try this method only if you don’t feel uncomfortable killing them).

Protect Your Property With A Top-Rated Pest Control Company In Phoenix

Trapping is usually the best way to go. Traps are more recommended than poison bait because they are less dangerous to pets and children. However, if you are dealing with a severe infestation, call Varsity Termite & Pest Control for better help. We can carry out the task faster and safer for you. Contact us now through our online form to schedule an appointment.

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