Here Are Some Of The Most Common Pests That Might Be Lurking Around Your Home

Due to our year-round warm climate, there are plenty of pests who consider Arizona to be their home. These pests range from insects to spiders to rodents, but all of them have the ability to cause significant damage to health or property. But the more you know about which pests are most likely to infest your Arizona home, the more quickly you can get the upper hand on these pests and stop an infestation in its tracks. Mesa pest control describes some of the most common pests that might be lurking around your home.
Mesa Pest Control Describes Some Of The Most Common Pests That Might Be Lurking Around Your Home In AZ.

Scorpions Are Highly Common In Arizona & Their Venom Can Cause Different Reactions

Many people are surprised to learn that scorpions are actually arachnids and closely related to spiders. They are very common in Arizona and the greater southwest region, and live in grasslands and forests as well as desert areas. Although most species of scorpions are not actually poisonous, their venom can still cause severe allergic reactions, especially in vulnerable people such as the elderly or children. However, the poisonous bark scorpion does live in Arizona and can be difficult to find inside your home because it is pale in color and relatively small. The sting of a bark scorpion can cause severe or even life-threatening reactions that need immediate medical attention.

Because of their potentially dangerous nature, scorpion control is best handled by a professional Glendale pest control company, who can use a variety of effective control methods against these pests. This includes a multi-faceted approach of dusting and sealing all potential entrances to your home and installation of the highly effective scorpion barrier, which makes surfaces too slippery for scorpions and other pests to enter your home.

Termites Can Literally Bring The Structure Of Your Home Down

Termites are another common invasive pest in Arizona. They are best known for the tremendous damage they cause to homes because they literally eat through the wood that forms the structure of your home. They can also damage insulation and other building materials, paper, books, and even the liner of your backyard swimming pool! As they feed on your home, the structure becomes severely weakened, leaving it vulnerable to further infestation and water damage, and can even leave your portions of your home at risk of collapse. It’s critical to deal with a suspected termite infestation immediately.

If you have a termite infestation, you’ll want to work with a comprehensive Chandler pest control technician who takes time to carefully examine all the details of your home where termites might be lurking. An experienced technician who can find all of the places a termite colony might be hiding can mean the difference between successful or unsuccessful eradication. This means a careful examination of your home’s walls, foundation, and roof.

Fire Ants Are a Pontential Source Of Danger

Although they are less destructive overall than termites, ants are still a major nuisance and a potential source of danger, especially for young children and pets. Fire ants are aggressively and territorial, and will work together to attack children, family members, friends, or pets who happen to wander near their homes. For most people, fire ant bites cause painful stinging that feels like burning or fire, but for those who are allergic, even one bite from a fire ant can cause anaphylactic or other life-threatening reactions. If you notice a fire ant mound in your yard, you’ll want to contact Mesa pest control immediately. Do-it-yourself eradication methods may be tempting, but are usually not effective in the long run.

Cockroaches: Carry Bacteria That Can Make People Very Sick

These disgusting pests come out at night to feast on scraps around your home, leaving their feces behind. They are also known for carrying bacteria that can make people very sick. Cockroaches are not only disturbing and gross, but also embarrassing. Because different species require different treatments, the best move is contact Mesa pest services for a targeted and effective eradication approach so you can sleep peacefully and not worry about bacteria being spread through your home.

Some Spiders Can Be Venomous

While some spiders are only creepy and make your home look unkempt from their webs, other species, such as brown recluse or black widow, are venomous. They give painful bites that can cause serious medical problems or even death. Regardless of what type of spider is infesting your home, you’ll want to get to the root of problem with a qualified exterminator. Treatment usually includes insecticide application and sealing up potential entry points.

Rodents Can Be Agressive & Spread Diseases

Rodents that enter homes can include mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and even gophers. These pests can be aggressive and spread diseases. They can also cause major damage to your home as they chew through drywall, insulation, carpeting, and electrical wires. Rodents are also reproduce rapidly and become a significant problem in just a short period of time. The best solution from Mesa pest control is to bait and trap the rodents, along with protecting your home so you can prevent future infestations from occurring.

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