Arizona Home Remedies For Spider Bites

All spiders have venom. However, there are only two types of spiders in Arizona that have venom strong enough to cause severe problems for people: The Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. If you are bitten by either of these spiders, you need to seek immediate medical treatment. If you don’t, you could experience major tissue loss or even face a life-threatening reaction.

In most cases, if you are bitten by a spider, it will not be life-threatening. But it can be painful and even lead to infection or other problems. You need to treat the spider bite to minimize the negative reaction and reduce your pain. Then you’ll need to talk to a Mesa termite control & extermination company about effective solutions to get the spiders out of your house and keep them out so you don’t have to deal with painful bites again.

Here are a few ways you can treat severe spider bites:

Safe & Effective Solutions for Treating Severe Spider Bites In Arizona

Wash The Area Of The Spider Bite

As soon as you notice the bite, you need to wash the area thoroughly with soap and warm water. The goal is to remove as much of the venom from the area as possible. That will prevent the symptoms from intensifying. You can’t get the venom that is already in the bite out, but you can prevent any residual venom from also entering the wound.

Disinfect The Area

Infection is always a risk when there is an open wound. You will need to wipe down the area with peroxide or alcohol to remove any bacteria that could get into the bite and lead to an infection. You won’t be able to reverse the affects of the venom, but you will be able to reduce the risk of additional problems from an infection.

Create a Neutralizing Wash

What you can do to neutralize the affects of the venom is to create a simple mix and wash the area with it. Mix equal parts baking soda, water, and bleach in a small cup or bowl. Then pour the solution over the bite area.

Depending on the type of spider that bit you, how much venom was injected, and your own pain tolerance, this treatment can be quite painful. You can numb the area first by rubbing an ice cube around the bite site. Then pour on the mixture.

Apply Plantain Leaves

Plantains aren’t just a tasty snack. Their leaves can also help to treat spider bites. Just put the dry leaves on the bite site, and they will help suck the venom out of the wound. You can use a band-aid or medical tape to keep the leaves on the wound. Leave them for a few hours to get maximum benefit.

Apply Peppermint Oil & Deodorant

Peppermint oil will help to reduce swelling from your spider bite. It can also help to increase circulation, which can improve blood flow to the site that will expedite healing. Then you can also apply deodorant around the affected area to reduce the itching and irritation that are likely after the bite. Reducing the itching will also keep you from scratching, which can aggravate the wound and increase the risk of infection.

Keep an eye on your spider bite for any signs that the wound is getting worse. If it does, see a doctor right away. You might have been bitten by a Brown Recluse or Black Widow, or you may be experiencing an allergic reaction or showing signs of an infection. Once your spider bite is cleared up, call a Mesa’s leading pest & termite control services to learn about effective pest control solutions so that you never have to suffer a spider bite in your own home again.

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