Pest control is one of the foremost activities that a home owner is expected to take care of in Chandler Az. You can make a homemade spray for pest control. Making the water to be used too hot or too cold could harm plants in the garden. Also, making the water too cold is a bad idea since the ingredients cannot dissolve properly. Adding a tiny teaspoon of dish soap to warm water in the bottle makes it ready for further use.
Adding special ingredients that help the liquid spray stick to the leaves better is an effective method to ensure proper pest control in your garden. Adding minute quantities of dried ground hot pepper to the spray bottle will supply the liquid with pepper essence that helps kill certain kinds of pests apart from boosting the general effectiveness of the spray. Shaking the spray bottle vigorously before use makes sure that the contents are homogeneously mixed.
The spray is bound to repel all insects and pests in the garden, including small animals like squirrels and rabbits. The home made spray has an advantage that it does not kill animals, but repels them with its smell. Storing the pest control spray in a cool and dark place in your home is the best way to eliminate pests from the garden.




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