Termites are sneaky, unpleasant pests. They are also difficult to identify. Termites are tiny and similar to ants. Imagine spotting a tiny critter strolling along your wall, and immediately think it’s an ant. You kill that tiny ant, buy an ant repellent, and spray it along the edge of your house, interior and exterior. A few weeks later, while playing American football with your children, you notice termite damage on your favorite tree. You look down spot mud tunnels that lead to your house. That’s when you realize that you have a termite infestation on your property. In Arizona, having termites in your home is unacceptable. Ever wonder how or what attracts termites to stroll into your home? The following list are the top things that attract termites to your home.

top things that attract termites to your home

1. Darkness

Termites love to live in darkness. They breed and eat in the dark. The darkness offers them protection from predators. This explains why they leave a trail of mud tunnels behind. While the get to one place to the next, the tunnels provides them darkness and protection. Termites must think that the tunnels are invisible cloaks, being sneaky and acting like they’re invisible. Varsity’s termite exterminators can see right through their invisible cloaks and expose them to the light.

2. Warmth

While termites love to live in the darkness, where no one can see them, they like to be warm and cozy. The termites will huddle together to create warm spaces. Low temperature will kill the termites very quickly. Considering that a colony of termites create heat, termite exterminators will use infrared cameras to look for hot spots in walls. Most cities in Arizona are brutally hot, like the Phoenix Metropolitan area. However with the low temperature that Arizona does get is enough for termites to wander into your home looking for warmth.

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3. Moisture

Moisture is the very important to termite physiology. Termites will dry out and die if they are not in a humid space. Arizona is 90% desert, concluding that it’s a dry state, for the most part. Termites are sneaky, remember. Termites live in environmentally controlled mounds. This means that you need to be ensure that you do not have any leaks or moisture in your home. Laundry room and bathroom are the two top rooms in your house that will create an humid environment. As to the exterior of your house, ensure the there is not leaky water systems or air conditioners. Limiting the humidity in your home and protecting the exterior from creating a humid environments will decrease the possibility of a termite infestation.

4. Cellulose (Plant Based Material)

The number one reason why any invaders will walk into your home is food! Everyone thinks that wood the favorite food of termites, but it’s what is in the wood, cellulose. Cellulose is a sugar molecule that is found in plants. This organic compound is very healthy to plants, it produces the stems, leaves and branches to become strong. Cellulose is on anything that is made out of plants, like paper and cardboard. If you have a corner or a storage room filled with cardboard boxes, which are filled with paper, there is high possibility that there will be termites. Food attracts anything and anyone.

termites attracted to home in anthemThose are the top things that attract termites to your home, darkness, warmth, moisture, and cellulose. These things can either be within or out of your control. Warmth can and cannot be an issue. Arizona is a hot state. Hopefully, termites will just stay away from civilization and live outside of the cities. Or just live outside, far, far away from your property. Moisture can be within your control. Making sure that the humidity drifts away from the laundry room and bathroom will be enough. Limiting or storing paper, cardboard or anything that contains cellulose properly will decrease the possibility of termites walking into your home.

If you suspect that you have a termite infestation inside your house, call a termite pest control company in Anthem. Contact Varsity Termite and Pest Control, and we will send the best termite exterminator to inspect your home. Our termite inspections in Anthem are free, and we will determine the best Anthem termite treatment for you.


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