A lot of insects like to live in wood and brush piles. Some use these piles for shelter, and others actually eat the wood and organic matter. Others are attracted to the pests that live in the wood and debris. Therefore, one of the recommendations that you’ll get when you’re dealing with a variety of pests is to remove wood, brush, and piles of paper or cardboard from your property and in spaces like your crawlspace or garage.
You may wonder whether you need to remove the mulch from your property. After all, won’t it bring pests closer to your house, thereby increasing the risk that they will come into your house and spread?
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Types of Pests Attracted to Mulch

It’s important that you understand what kind of pests are attracted to mulch to know what kind of problems you might expect. Typically, mulch can attract:

  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders

Some of these pests are attracted to the mulch because it is wood and they like to eat the wood, like termites and carpenter ants. Some of the pests are attracted to the mulch because it creates a moist and cool environment. Smaller pests are also sheltered under the mulch. Larger pests, like spiders, are attracted to mulch because of the pests it harbors – pests that make for good eating.

What Type of Mulch Attracts Pests

The type of mulch you have often determines the type of pests you may attract. However, any kind of organic mulch will attract pests.
Termites typically prefer mulch made of loblolly pine, white birch, and slash pine, though they will take up space in other types of mulch also. Ants will go for any type of organic mulch, as will mice. However, mice also are attracted to straw or fluffed mulch. Cockroaches tend to prefer bark shavings or pine straw mulch, while mosquitoes will be attracted to any kind of mulch so long as it’s wet. Spiders are attracted to any kind of wood mulch, but they especially like pine bark mulch.

How to Mitigate Risk

Does this mean that you have to get rid of mulch if you want to keep your home safe from pests? Not necessarily. There are many things you can do to mitigate the risk of having mulch that might attract pests.
To start, you can opt for mulch that is not organic. Organic mulch includes things like bark, grass, leaves, and straw. Inorganic mulch can be made of rubber, plastic, or even rocks. Xeriscaping uses rocks to cover the ground and keep out weeds, and it is very popular in Arizona. Plastic and rubber mulch comes in chunks that look like wood chips or nuggets, so it will blend in with the landscape while also repelling pests.
If you like organic mulch, you can choose types that are naturally pest-repellent. For example, cedar or cypress mulch have natural chemicals and oils that repel termites, cockroaches, and some types of ants, beetles, and moths. Other types of wood mulch can be purchased with pest treatments. You just need to do your research to make sure the mulch is properly treated to repel pests without being harmful for your landscape or your pets.

Pest Control Measures

The best way to mitigate the risk that having mulch on your property brings is to hire a reputable Gilbert pest control company to put the right measures in place to protect your home. A pest control technician in Gilbert can treat your landscape, including your mulched areas, to keep pests away, even if there are attractive conditions present. In addition, the pest control technician will treat your home so that even if the pests come onto the property, they will stay out of your home.
Call Varsity Termite and Pest Control today to learn more about how you can protect your property from pests that may be attracted to mulch. We have a variety of solutions for pests that are common to the Phoenix area, including termites, ants, mosquitoes, rats, roaches, and more. We have effective solutions that will get out any pests that are currently infesting your property, as well as prevent pests from returning. Call us in Phoenix today to schedule a consultation with a friendly and experienced pest control technician.

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