Bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States. It seems like we can’t turn on the nightly news without hearing a new report about an outbreak in a hotel or a city. Besides the fact that bugs living inside your mattress and feeding on your flesh while you sleep is just plain creepy, bed bugs are also unclean, and they can seem impossible to eliminate.

You may be perplexed about why bed bugs are such a problem if you haven’t had any personal experience with them. Here’s why bed bugs are so persistent and why you need the help of an Arizona bed bug exterminator to eliminate them once and for all:

Bed Bug

They Don’t Need Food

Bed bugs don’t eat food like ants or other bugs. Instead, they feast on human blood. Some people think that means that they can contain the bugs in an air-tight mattress bag and they will just die off. However, bed bugs can also survive for a very long time without eating anything. They can go at least a year without blood – and many times much longer.

You can’t wait out the bed bugs to get rid of them. They can wait longer than you can. You will have to hire Arizona’s professional pest control technicians to implement a plan to get rid of the bed bugs.

They Reproduce Quickly

Many insects can lay a lot of eggs in a short period of time, which is one reason why they are such a nuisance. Bed bugs are particularly problematic since they can reproduce even more quickly. One female bed bug can lay as many as 500 eggs in just a few months. And female bed bugs start laying eggs shortly after they are born.

You can start treating the bed bugs, but if you aren’t using an effective treatment, the bed bugs will multiply more quickly than you can kill them. You’ll feel like you’re using a bucket of water to bail out a sinking ship. You’ll need the help of professionals to make a strong impact quickly so that you can eradicate the bugs once and for all.

They Adapt and Evolve

Bed bugs in Arizona aren’t a new problem. They have been around for millions of years. That’s longer than people. So they know a thing or two about how to survive. They are highly adaptable bugs, and they have evolved to overcome many situations. They are even immune to certain pesticides.

They are Hard to Find

Many people don’t even know that they have bed bugs until the problem has gotten completely out of hand. The bugs are tiny, and they hide out in the depths of your mattress and other furniture. When they are out, they hang out near the seams and cracks of the cushions and the furniture frame. Even if you were looking at the bugs themselves, you may not recognize them without looking very close and under good lighting.

You need to pay attention to your symptoms to determine if you might have bed bugs, such as the bites on your arms or allergic reactions. If you have symptoms, you should hire a pest control expert to inspect your space and find out if you have bed bugs.

If you do have bed bugs, you should not try to treat them yourself. You should hire experienced exterminators to treat your space. You’ll get rid of the bed bugs quickly so you can sleep peacefully again. You can be sure that when you get in your bed, you don’t have any unwelcome guests and you will wake up in the morning feeling clean and refreshed.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control can help stamp out your bed bug problem. Our exterminators will find the nasty pests even if they have hidden deep in your furniture, and then they will come up with a plan to get rid of the bugs and keep them out. Our exterminators know how to treat all the pests common to the Phoenix area, and they can develop a treatment plan to keep your home free of them all. Contact us in Arizona today to schedule an inspection. You can then set up a treatment plan that will protect your home and keep it comfortable and safe.

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