Where Do Cockroaches Hide In Your Home

Cockroaches are nasty house guests, and they can be very difficult to eradicate. One reason they are so hard to get rid of is that they are so hard to find. In fact, they are so good at hiding that you may not even realize that you have a cockroach problem until they have spread and you are dealing with an infestation.

An experienced Mesa pest control technician will know how to find these nasty pests where they hide. But it’s also helpful for you to know where they hide so you can spot the signs of a cockroach problem when it is relatively minor and easier to treat. Here are some common cockroach hiding spots you should make it a habit to check frequently:

Where Do Cockroaches Hide In Your Home In Phoenix, AZ.

Cabinets & Drawers

Cockroaches like to go into your cabinets and drawers in search of food there, including any crumbs or drips that you might have accidentally left behind while grabbing a snack or preparing food. Cockroaches can slip into tiny cracks, so don’t be fooled into thinking these spaces are safe if they are tightly closed. Clean these areas regularly to get rid of food and liquids that could be attracting roaches.

Sinks & Drains

Roaches aren’t afraid to go into your watery drains in search of food crumbs that end up there. Put a strainer on your sink to keep out food, and disinfect the area regularly. Check your pipes often to ensure there are no leaks. Do the same for your bathroom sinks, toilets, and showers. Any amount of water pooling under your sinks can provide plenty of hydration for cockroaches.


Warmth, moisture, and food debris create a trifecta for attracting roaches, and your appliances often offer them all. The back of your refrigerator, under your stove, behind your dishwasher – these are all prime locations for cockroaches to congregate. Regularly pull out these appliances and clean the area behind them. Check for leaks and repair them immediately.

Trash Cans

Your trash can is a virtual smorgasbord for cockroaches. Keep a tight lid on your trash can, and empty it regularly. Try to keep food scraps in another location, such as a compost bin outside. Clean the trash can itself regularly to keep out any water or crumbs that leak out of the bag.


Your tiles can become loose over time. If they do, cockroaches can hide under them or between their cracks. Be sure to caulk and repair loose tiles or have a professional do so.


Cockroaches like any place that is dark and free of activity to hide. They can find a lot of nooks in your furniture or underneath it. You can make furniture less attractive by vacuuming it regularly to keep out crumbs and other debris. However, the best way to keep roaches out of your furniture is to get a Queen Creek pest control technician to apply preventive treatments.

Baseboards & Molding

Roaches will find any crack to slip into and hide. That includes behind your baseboards and molding. Regularly check your molding for cracks, and seal them with caulk.

Vents & Outlets

Vents and outlets create a kind of hidden transportation system for cockroaches to go from room to room unseen. You can make it harder for roaches to use these by putting a screen on vents and a cover on outlets that are not currently in use. Then seal any cracks around the vents or outlets.


Crumbs can easily get inside your PC or laptop if you eat while you work, and roaches will gladly go inside the keyboard for those treats. Keep food away from these and other electronics, and use canned air to clean them out regularly.

Roaches will hide anywhere that is dark and free of activity, but they are especially attracted to places that are humid and that have food or water. Keep an eye on closets, attics, and crawl spaces, as well. Keep your home clean of debris – especially food – and make sure all spaces are properly ventilated and don’t have any leaks. Then work with a pest control company to put an effective preventive solution in place. You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that your home is protected from these nasty pests.

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