How To Keep Your Home Free From Pests

Pests are going to come into your home from time to time. They will wander wherever they think they can find food, water, or appropriate shelter. You may not realize it, but your home offers plenty of all these to a wide variety of pests – whether it’s through the crumbs in your kitchen or the very wood that composes your home.

The best way to protect your home is to hire a reputable Gilbert pest control company to put the right treatments in place to eradicate the pests and to keep them out. However, you can also minimize your risk by taking actions every day to keep your home clean and make it less attractive to pests. Here are a few things you can do to maintain a pest-free home (in conjunction with regular pest control treatment):

Cleaning Tips to Maintain a Pest-Free Home

Sweep and Vacuum Every Day

A lot of debris gathers on your floors without you realizing it, and much of that debris is great food for pests. Some of it may be actual food that you have dropped, and some of it may just be organic material that pests like to eat. You can remove those temptations by sweeping and vacuuming your floors every day. You’ll make your home less attractive to bugs while also making it look great.

Wipe Counter Tops

Your countertops can be a veritable buffet for pests. Even small crumbs or bits of dried juice or other liquids can provide a feast for pests. You can make your home less attractive to pests by cleaning the counter tops regularly. Be sure to do a thorough wipe down after each meal or snack. Use a spray cleaner to get up any residue.

Dust around Windows and Corners

Dust and other debris can pile up on window sills and in the corners of rooms where you aren’t used to cleaning. That dust and debris can provide plenty of food for pests. Remove that food source by cleaning your window sills and room corners fairly regularly – maybe once a week or so, depending on how quickly the dust builds up there.

Clean Microwave and Stove

Your microwave and stove are likely coated in grease and food debris at any given time. They offer a feast for pests! Keep them wiped down after each use, and give them a thorough deep cleaning periodically. Simply closing the doors on them won’t be enough to keep pests out. Pests can get through the tiniest of cracks.

Clean Out Attics and Basements Regularly

You may put away boxes and other items in your attics and basements and forget about them. Meanwhile, centipedes, silver fish, and other pests are making a cozy habitat inside your old things. You can reduce the risk of this happening by cleaning out your attics and basements regularly. Get rid of things you no longer need, and thoroughly clean inside and outside of items that are stored there.

Clean Up Brush and Leaves

You need to clean outside your home, as well, to keep pests away. Piles of wood, leaves, and other debris can attract all kinds of pests, including termites, scorpions, ants, roaches, and more. That can draw those pests closer to your home, and they may eventually find their way inside your home. Keep your yard free of debris at all times.

Mow and Rake Regularly

Allowing your grass to grow too tall can create a haven for pests. You can keep pests away by mowing your grass regularly and keeping it at a manageable height. Raking your lawn regularly will also keep out dead leaves and other debris that can shelter pests or provide them with food.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Tree branches and shrubs can provide conduits to your home for pests. You can cut off these connections by keeping tree branches and shrubs trimmed. Cut back any limbs that hang over your home, and trim any brushes that touch your house.

Clean Out Gutters

Your gutters can quickly get clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris, creating a haven for all types of pests. You need to keep your gutters clear not only to keep the water flowing and protect your roof, but also to take away any habitats for bugs. Check your gutters seasonally, at a minimum.

Taking all these steps will not only keep your home clean, but they will also make it less hospitable to pests. These steps alone will not be enough to keep pests out, but they will certainly cut down on the incidence of pest problems. To truly keep your home safe, you will need to also work with a reputable pest control company in Gilbert to put a comprehensive pest control plan in place.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control is ready to help you protect your home against pests common to the Phoenix area, including ants, crickets, roaches, scorpions, termites, rats, pigeons, and more. We have safe and effective pest control solutions that will keep pests out and ensure the health and safety of your home and family. Call Varsity Termite and Pest Control in Phoenix today to consult with a pest control technician and learn more about your options.

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