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There are many reasons why you may want to schedule a termite home inspection for your Cave Creek home or business. For one, inspections are usually required by lenders when you are buying a new home to ensure that the structure is sound and that issues can get addressed right away.

Termite can cause substantial and very expensive damage to your home or business and the sooner you spot or are made aware of a possible infestation, the sooner you can act and lessen the extent of the damages. Varsity Termite and Pest Control has years of experience in detecting and eliminating termites in Cave Creek and nearby communities. Let us help to protect your home with a free home inspection today!

Experienced Termite Home Inspections Cave Creek By Varsity

How do I know I have termites?

Well ideally you have Varsity conduct a free termite home inspection. This way you can be certain that all the secret hiding spots of the pest are checked out. However, you may be able to spot signs of an infestation on your own. Signs of termite presence include:

  • discarded wings by doors or windows
  • buzzing in the walls
  • hollow sounding walls when tapped
  • “sawdust” on the floor
  • signs of “water damage” such as peeling wallpaper and bubbling paint
  • and more

Usually, our Cave Creek clients aren’t aware of an infestation until it is full-blown. By then the termites have already caused extensive damage to your home or building.

Cave Creek home termite inspections by Varsity

Even if you have not discovered any signs of termites or termite damage in your home yet, it is a great idea to have Varsity conduct an annual, free home inspection of your Cave Creek residence or business. Termites are very prevalent in Arizona and odds are that sooner or later they will find their way into your home as well. It is only a matter of time.

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When hiring a termite inspector, it is essential that you work with someone who has the experience, expertise and the equipment necessary to perform such an inspection. A thorough Cave Creek termite inspection should not be rushed and can take several hours, depending on findings and the size of the property. Your local pest control company should conclude the inspection with a written report that details findings, extent of damage and a proposal of how to proceed, whether it be with the use of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System or other various methods our termite treatment experts are trained to use. In addition to providing qualified home inspections, we are able to offer termite solutions that work, as well.

Why should I worry about termites?

While termites won’t hurt you, they may very well destroy your home. It is no accident that they are referred to as a “hidden threat”. They are dangerous, because you cannot see them. They eat your home from the inside out (dry wood termites), or from the bottom up (subterranean termites) and while in theory they can help an ecosystem to thrive by adding nutrients, you probably don’t want those nutrients to be provided by your home.

The Team At Varsity Pest Control and Termite in Mesa Arizona

So the reason you want to act fast or even prevent a termite infestation is for one that they can cause tremendously expensive damage to your home and even cause your Cave Creek building to collapse. To ensure that it never gets to this point, annual inspections are a great preventative strategy.

Cave Creek Termite Inspections and Treatment By Varsity

Video Transcript:

A free termite home inspection is your best course of action when you are looking to protect your Cave Creek property. Varsity Termite and Pest Control can help you detect pests long before you ever suspect their presence.

Because a swarm of termites consists of millions of bugs, it is essential to detect and eliminate them as early as possible to reduce possible damages to your home or business.

If you are looking for a premier Cave Creek termite extermination and inspection company contact Varsity today. You may call us at 602-560-6021 or visit us online at varsitytermiteandpestcontrol.com to learn more or to schedule your free termite inspection.

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Varsity Termite and Pest Control has performed countless termite home inspections in and around Cave Creek, our experienced and licensed termite exterminators know exactly what they are looking for and have extensive knowledge about insect lifecycles and habitats. And best of all, our inspections are completely free.


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