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    Termites are an incredibly destructive creature, voraciously eating away at wooden buildings and trees. They can typically be found in wooden flooring, sheetrock, walls, ceilings, and wooden bearings, thriving on the moisture and food. Once established, a termite invasion is difficult to fully eradicate and can cause extensive damage in a short amount of time. If you suspect termites in your home, contact Varsity Termite & Pest Control right away to schedule a home inspection! Our Gilbert pest control service specializes in prevention, detection, elimination, and removal of termites and other pests.

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    Get Rid Of Termites With Our Reliable Extermination Services

    Termites can cause extensive and costly damage to your property, but you can trust our reliable extermination services to eliminate these destructive pests. Our experienced professionals are well-equipped to assess the extent of the infestation and implement effective treatment methods tailored to your specific needs. We use safe and proven techniques to eradicate termites and prevent their return, ensuring the long-term protection of your home. Don’t let termites compromise your property’s integrity; rely on our expertise to get rid of them!

    Contact Varsity Termite and Pest Control today for your safe and effective termite elimination! With our services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from termite damage.

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    Efficient Pest Control Solutions To Termite Infestations

    Professional Termite Control & Removal

    With over 21 years of experience fighting against pests in Arizona, Varsity Termite & Pest Control is an excellent resource for you. We provide comprehensive solutions with lasting results no matter how established your termite infestation may be.

    Years Of Experience In Professional Termite Treatment

    Protect Your Gilbert Home With Our Effective Termite Control Services

    As experienced Gilbert pest removal experts, Varsity Termite & Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide the peace of mind you deserve. From detection, prevention, inspection, and elimination, we have your back through it all.

    The Latest In Termite Inspection & Extermination Methods

    Start Your Cost-Efective Termite Plan Today

    We utilize state of the art equipment and the most current, proven methods of termite removal in Gilbert to ensure lasting protection for your home. Schedule an inspection today to receive a detailed report and what to do next.

    Comprehensive Termite Pest Control Services For Gilbert Homes

    Termites are sneaky and invasive, and can take over a space in a short time. They cause massive destruction to studs, floors, and more with their voracious appetite and quick reproduction abilities. Whether you have seen signs of termites in your home or you simply need peace of mind, Varsity Termite & Pest Control is an excellent resource. We perform a detailed home pest inspection in Gilbert, and provide you with a thorough report of our findings along with several professional tips about how to address the concerns and move forward.

    Termite Inspection on Damaged Wood in Gilbert
    Close-Up On Termites Feeding On Wood

    Expert Treatment For Your Termite Problems

    The thought of having termites lurking in the floor and walls of your home, slowly eating away at your safe haven, is enough to make the skin crawl. Not only are termites creepy-crawly and unsightly, they also create a hazardous situation for your family and belongings. When it comes to Gilbert termite removal, you need someone who knows what they are doing and responds quickly to your request for help. Take advantage of our knowledge and training at Varsity to determine how to address a termite invasion.

    Affordable Termite Infestation Control Service

    When it comes to termite removal and prevention in Gilbert, Varsity is a top choice. Our owner, Tony Kaufman, is licensed and brings over two decades of valuable expertise to the company. We are qualified for both residential and commercial pest removal. Not only are we punctual, reliable, and effective, but our services are offered at competitive rates you simply won’t find anywhere else! We never want financial concerns to be the reason someone continues to live in an unsafe environment. Call today and learn more about our payment plans!

    Affordable Termite Infestation Control Services

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    Top Choice Termite Pest Control Company Near You

    Whether you have dealt with termites before or this is your first experience, Varsity Termite & Pest Control should be the first place you call. We offer everything from simple prevention tips and education, to thorough inspections and total elimination of even the most stubborn termite horde. Our Gilbert termite control service is proud to carry five-star ratings on Google and Yelp, and an A+ from the BBB for our quality, effective services. Rest assured that the safety of your family and home is our top priority!

    Termite Damage From Nest In Cabinet In Gilbert
    Varsity Exterminator Providing Termite Treatment In Gilbert

    Why We’re Gilbert’s Preferred Termite Treatment Services

    Protect Your Home From Termites In Gilbert

    Prevention Of Termite Damage

    Preventing termite damage is crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of your property, and we are Gilbert’s preferred termite treatment services. Our team is dedicated to implementing proactive measures that keep termites at bay. We offer comprehensive termite prevention services, including barrier installation, moisture control, and regular inspections to identify potential infestations in their early stages. By choosing our expertise, you can safeguard your home from costly termite damage and enjoy a long-lasting and secure living environment.

    Expert Termites Exterminators In Gilbert

    Health & Safety For You & Your Loved Ones

    Part of maintaining the health and safety of you and your loved ones is by eliminating and preventing termites in your home. Termites can compromise the structural integrity of your home, posing safety risks. With our Gilbert termite control company, we eradicate termites and implement preventative measures reducing the risk of structural damage and potential accidents. We focus on safe and effective termite control, ensuring that your living environment remains secure and healthy for your family.

    Termite Extermination To Avoid Wood Damage In Gilbert

    Increased Property Value

    Investing in Gilbert’s top-rated termite control company can significantly increase your property value. Termites can cause structural damage, which can decrease the worth of your home, making it less appealing to potential buyers. By eliminating termites and preventing future infestations, your property remains in excellent condition, enhancing its market value. A termite-free home in Arizona is an attractive asset and can be a selling point that sets your property apart in the real estate market, ultimately leading to a higher selling price. Protect your investment and boost your property’s value with our effective termite control services.

    Contact Us & Reduce Termite Damage Repair Costs

    Understanding Termite Risks & Extermination Strategies

    Our Pest Control Team Is Experienced In Termite Behavior And Habits

    Exploring Termites’ Behavior & Habits

    Termites live in colonies and feed primarily on wood. They are known for their subterranean tunnels, mud tubes, and destructive feeding habits leading to structural damage.

    Termite-Prone Zones Within Your Home In Gilbert

    Common Termite-Prone Zones In Gilbert

    Homes and structures with wooden components, particularly those in neighborhoods with irrigated landscaping or near bodies of water, are at higher risk of termite problems.

    Defend Your Home Or Business From Termite Threats

    Defending Your Home Or Business From Termite Threats

    Implement preventive measures such as regular inspections, moisture control, and barrier installations to proactively safeguard against these destructive pests.

    The Important Benefits Of Thorough Termite Control In Gilbert

    Protect Your Gilbert Property From Structural Damage

    Protecting Your Property From Structural Damage

    One significant benefit of thorough termite control is the protection it provides to your property from potentially devastating structural damage. Termites can silently and slowly eat away at wooden structures, compromising the integrity of your home or building. By implementing effective termite control measures, you not only preserve the value of your property but also ensure the safety and longevity of your investment.

    Prolonging The Lifespan Of Your Wood Furniture & Structures

    Thorough termite control not only protects your property from structural damage but also helps prolong the lifespan of your wooden furniture and structures. Termites can significantly shorten the life of these items by weakening and damaging the wood. By preventing termite infestations, you ensure that your wooden investments, whether they are furniture, decks, or other structures, remain in good condition for years to come, ultimately saving you money on repairs and replacements.

    Avoid Damage To Your House With Termite Control In Gilbert
    Termite Treatment In A Kitchen Counters

    A Great Way To Safeguard & Maintain Your Property’s Value

    Safeguarding your property through effective termite control is an excellent strategy for maintaining and even increasing its value. A termite-free property is more appealing to potential buyers, as it reduces the risk of structural damage and the associated repair costs. Additionally, it helps preserve the aesthetics and integrity of your property, making it a more valuable and desirable asset in the real estate market.

    Protecting Your Health From Respiratory Problems & Allergies

    Thorough termite control can indirectly contribute to protecting your health by preventing the growth of molds and fungi that often thrive in damp, termite-damaged wood. These molds can release spores into the air, potentially leading to respiratory problems and allergies in occupants of the affected space. By ensuring your property is termite-free, you create a healthier indoor environment, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergic reactions, which can have a significant impact on your well-being and quality of life.

    Protect Your Health From Respiratory Problems And Allergies
    Compare The Cost Of Termite Control Vs. Termite Damage

    The Cost Of Termite Control Vs. The Cost Of Termite Damage

    The cost of investing in termite control is undeniably worth it when compared to the expense of repairing termite damage. Repairing structural damage caused by termites can be exorbitantly expensive, often involving extensive renovations and rebuilding. Termite control measures, including regular inspections and preventive treatments, are a cost-effective way to protect your property, preserve its value, and avoid the substantial financial burden associated with repairing termite-inflicted destruction.

    Environmentally Friendly Termite Control Methods

    At Varsity Termite and Pest Control, we prioritize products and techniques that have minimal impact on the ecosystem while effectively eliminating termite infestations. By choosing our services, you not only protect your property but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to pest control, ensuring the long-term health of the environment. Our methods are safe for your property, your loved ones, and the planet.

    Environmentally Friendly Termite Control Methods In Gilbert

    Reliable Gilbert Pest Control Company For Termite Removal

    Over 20 Years Of Experience In Getting Rid Of Termite Nests

    For over 20 years, Varsity Termite & Pest Control has eliminated pests from homes and provided peace of mind for families and businesses throughout the Valley. We are here to help, not to take advantage of you!

    Termite Mound Inspection, Detection & Removal Services

    Schedule an inspection with our team right away if you discover signs of termites living in your home or property including mud tubes, a termite mound, or weak areas in floor and wall. We offer thorough, detailed inspections.

    Local Family Owned & Operated Termite Control Business

    Varsity Termite & Pest Control is proud to be a locally based, family-owned and operated company since day one. We are built on our community reputation for quality service, effective work, and incredible customer support.

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      FAQs About Our Termite Control Services

      How Long Will Your Pest Control Company Take To Get Rid Of Termites?

      The time it takes for our Gilbert pest control company to get rid of termites varies depending on the extent of the infestation, termite species, treatment methods used, and environmental conditions. In many cases, it may take several weeks to a few months to completely eliminate the termite colony and confirm termite eradication. Some treatments, like liquid termiticides or bait systems, may require time to take effect. More extensive infestations might require longer treatment periods and follow-up inspections to ensure success.

      What Do Termite Exterminators Look For During A Termite Inspection?

      During a termite inspection, at Varsity Termite and Pest Control, we look for several key indicators of termite activity. We examine both the interior and exterior of your property for evidence of termite infestations, which may include mud tubes, damaged or hollowed wood, termite droppings, and shed wings. We also inspect areas with high moisture content, as termites are attracted to damp environments. In addition, we assess the foundation, crawlspaces, and attic where termites often establish colonies. We guarantee that if you have termites, we will find them and exterminate them properly.

      Are Your Termite Extermination Methods Safe For My Pets & Children?

      Yes! As a licensed and reputable Gilbert pest control service, we use extermination methods that are safe for your pets and children. Our professionals are trained to use methods and products that are both effective against termites and low in toxicity to humans and pets. They follow strict safety protocols and use specialized equipment to minimize any potential exposure to harmful chemicals. Additionally, many modern termite treatments are designed to target termites specifically with minimal risk to non-target organisms.

      How Long Do Termites Take To Cause Serious Structural Damage To My Home?

      The rate at which Arizona termites cause serious structural damage to your home can vary, but it generally depends on the termite species and the size of the infestation. Subterranean termites, which are common in Arizona, can potentially cause significant damage in as little as six months to a year, particularly if they are not detected early. Drywood termites, another species found in the state, work more slowly but can still lead to substantial damage over several years. Regular inspections and immediate treatment upon detection are essential in Arizona to mitigate the risk of termites causing severe structural harm to your home. Implementing preventive measures can also help protect your property from termite infestations.

      What’s The Best Way To Prevent A Termite Infestation In My Home?

      Preventing a termite infestation in your home starts with moisture control. Ensure your property has proper drainage and fix any plumbing leaks, as termites are attracted to moisture. Maintain a gap between soil and wood around the foundation and remove any wood debris from your yard, as these can serve as termite attractants. Regular inspections by a Gilbert pest control service are crucial, as they can identify early signs of infestations and implement preventive measures. Consider installing a physical termite barrier or treated wood during construction and treat your home with termiticides if necessary, especially in high-risk areas like Arizona.

      How Often Should I Get A Termite Inspection For My Property?

      In most cases, it is recommended to have Varsity Termite and Pest Control inspect your home at least once a year to catch potential infestations early. However, in Arizona there is a higher termite risk so it may be prudent to have inspections every 6 months. Additionally, if you’ve had a previous termite problem or suspect termite activity, more frequent inspections may be necessary to ensure the issue is under control. Regular Gilbert termite inspections are a proactive measure to safeguard your property against costly damage.

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