Is One Roach a Warning Sign Of An Infestation?
Posted on: April 21, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

Is One Roach a Warning Sign Of An Infestation? Early Warning Signs You Might Have Roaches & How To Prevent Them Although cockroach infestations are often equated with a dirty home, that isn’t always the case. Cockroaches are attracted to food, water, and warmth, which can easily be found even in clean homes. Many people are mortified at the idea of a cockroach infestation in their home, partially because they don’t like insects but also because cockroaches can carry diseases and carry a noxious odor. While seeing one cockroach in …

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Essential Tips To Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Home
Posted on: April 14, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

A roof rat invading a home in Arizona Effective Ways To Prevent Roof Rat Infestation In Arizona Roof rats are a relatively new pest to Arizona but wreak havoc and leave damage wherever they go. These pests are generally smaller than sewer rats, but can grow to be up to 18 inches in length! Roof rats tend to be black, with sleeker bodies than other types of rats. They can be distinguished from other rats by their large ears and pointed faces. As their name suggests, roof rats are excellent climbers and tend to build their nests …

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How Can I Tell If I Have Brown Recluse Inside My House?
Posted on: April 8, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

A brown recluse spider in house in Phoenix Identifying Brown Recluse Infestations & What To Do If You Find One Are you wondering whether you have brown recluse spiders lurking in your Arizona home? Brown recluse spiders live throughout the southwest and are known invasive pests in the Phoenix area. Once a brown recluse spider gets into a home or office, they can live comfortably and will grow their population into the thousands. Not only does this give most people the creepy-crawlies, but brown recluse spiders have developed a reputat …

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How To Identify & Get Rid Of Pavement Ants
Posted on: April 1, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

Pavement ants infesting a house in Arizona Strategies To Treat & Prevent Pavement Ant Infestations Pavement ants are a type of ants that infest homes and businesses. It’s likely that they came to North America on 18th century ships. Since that time, these pesky creatures have slowly made their way across the continent. Pavement ants form huge colonies ranging from 3000 to as many as 10,000 ants and usually require the help of Ahwatukee pest control to eradicate from homes. Identifying Pavement Ants Although many people think a …

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Are Black Widows Hiding In Your Home? Black Widow Infestations & Prevention
Posted on: March 29, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

Are Black Widows Hiding In Your Home Black Widow Infestations & Prevention Black Widow Infestation? Learn Immediate & Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Them The notorious Black Widow spider, scientifically categorized as Latrodectus hesperus, is one of two venomous spiders found throughout the state of Arizona and the greater southwest regions of the United States. The brown recluse spider is the other venomous spider that can be found within the same general areas. Unfortunately, black widow spiders are very common in Arizona. They can be found throughout the state, i …

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How Do I Know If I Have Moles, Voles, Or Pocket Gophers? Identifying The Differences
Posted on: March 21, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

Yard damaged in Arizona Keep Your Yard Safe & Looking Orderly If you have a yard, you've probably noticed a little mound of dirt and grass in it. It could be a sign of several different animals, but the most common creatures behind these dirt mounds are moles, voles, and pocket gophers. These rodents can cause a variety of problems for homeowners; however, their behavior and damage are different in many ways. Distinguishing one from another will help you save money, keep your garden or yard looking orderly (no …

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How Do I Keep Cockroaches From Coming Back To My Home?
Posted on: March 14, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

How Do I Keep Cockroaches From Coming Back To My Home 10 Tips To Prevent Cockroaches From Invading Your Space Cockroaches are one of the most dreaded pests of all time and a common reason for calls to Phoenix pest control. Not only are these pests a disgusting thing to see, but they are also known for spreading germs, contaminating surfaces in your home, and even for triggering allergy symptoms. Although homeowners may feel embarrassed about having a cockroach problem, they are very common in large cities and are not necessarily a reflection of th …

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Are Killer Bees a Problem In Arizona?
Posted on: March 10, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

Are Killer Bees a Problem In Arizona How To Differentiate Between Standards Honey Bees & Africanized Bees Most people who live in warmer states such as Arizona or Nevada know about the threat of “killer bees,” which are more formally known as Africanized honeybees. Originally from South America, killer bees have spent decades slowly making their way northward into the warmer regions of the United States. Residents of these regions have become accustomed to the constant threat of killer bees. Although they have not necessarily …

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Getting a Termite Inspection Is Crucial In Real Estate Transactions
Posted on: March 6, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

Getting a Termite Inspection Is Crucial In Real Estate Transactions Understanding The Importance Of Getting a Termite Inspection When Buying a House Termite inspections are always obligatory in real estate transactions. Real estate properties must pass pest inspection first to determine if loaning companies can lend the buyer money for the transaction. Besides, lending companies may ask for inspections done only by a pest control technician in Phoenix. The expert will provide accurate information about any pest infestation on the property. This inspection …

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Smart Pest Control Tips To Prevent a Mosquito Infestation
Posted on: February 28, 2022 | by Gary Dobert

Smart Pest Control Tips To Prevent a Mosquito Infestation What To Do To Prevent a Mosquito Infestation In Your Arizona Home Mosquitos are not just one of the most annoying intruders at home – some mosquitoes also carry dangerous illnesses. Therefore, it’s always best to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your house first! If you feel fever, headache, and muscular weakness, you may be suffering from the West Nile Virus ,a mosquito-borne disease that can cause a lot of discomforts. This virus has been found in many mosquitoes in Arizona, whic …

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