Ways To Keep Bees Away From Your Home

For many of us, bees are harmless creatures and a crucial part of the ecosystem. However, things can get scary if they decide to nest in our house. These creatures are known for stinging when feeling in danger, leading to dangerous situations if there are allergic reactions or children around.

While it’s not exactly possible to prevent bees from flying on your house, you can use some strategies to make the bees leave soon, not allowing them to nest in your roof or walls.

Most homeowners don’t want bees in their homes, but it’s crucial to know how to deal with them to avoid issues with the ecosystem.

According to a survey by the Bee Informed Partnership, the managed bee population fell by 40% between April 1 of 2018 and April 1 of 2019. According to preliminary statistics from October 1, 2019, to April 1, 2020, the controlled bee population continued to decline by 22.2%. These numbers are alarming, so killing bees is not an option.

Before calling a Queen Creek pest control company, read our recommendations to prevent bees from nesting in your house in the safest way possible.

A Bee Nest in a AZ Home

What Attracts Bees To Your Property?

Bee populations begin to reproduce during the swarming season. They branch out to establish new colonies because of the colony’s expansion. These bee swarms travel together, with the young queen napping by as scout bees look around for a good site to nest.

Areas that smell like honey are appealing to bees looking for a new home. Those areas serve as a magnet for bees if there have been beehives in the past, or if they haven’t been properly removed. Similarly, their resourcefulness will seek your region if your home is in its favored climate or has a rich food source nearby.

How Do Bees Get Into Your House?

Typically, your initial assumption when you see a bee flying around is that it entered through an open window or a left open door. Bees may have discovered a way inside if they frequently visit your house.

But windows and doors aren’t the only entering options. Here’s a list of the most typical places a bee might enter your home according to an experienced Glendale pest control company:

Bees Take Advantages of Uncontrolled or Common Holes

Even large bees may fit into a quarter-inch hole. This implies that even tiny gaps in the siding may not be secure. Bees and wasps should be kept away from your home if you can learn to caulk those cracks or repair holes in your window screens.

Bees Could Enter Through Your Chimney

If you notice bees flying up into your ceilings or in an area with a fireplace, they may have entered through the chimney. We advise hiring a professional bee removal service because getting rid of bees in a chimney is risky. Turn off all radios and other sound-producing devices, then sit next to your chimney and listen to see whether there are bees inside. You should be able to hear a buzzing in the absence of sound.

Some Bees Go Through Vents In The Kitchen, Bathroom, Or Laundry Room

There is a chance that a new bee colony has found its way to these areas if you have a duct that connects to your stove’s vent or a laundry vent. If a bee is spending time in a room with a vent, you should listen to the wall along which the vent runs. To stop bees from entering your home, shut these vents and contact a Glendale pest control company.

Basements & Gutters Could Be Entrances For Bees To Your House

A gutter might eventually cause holes in the sides of your property if not properly maintained. Little holes can also appear in your basement if there’s no proper maintenance.

How To Prevent Bees From Entering Your Home

Now that we know how and why bees enter our homes, you may wonder, “How do I keep bees away from my house?” Aside from inspecting your home, here are more preventive measures:

Block All Bees Entry Points

Bees can enter any structure through a quarter-inch or bigger aperture. Sealing up any possible openings is one of the best measures you can take. Caulk or metal screens are both tools for covering gaps.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space To Keep Bees Away

Honey bees will prefer to build a hive in the wild in hollow trees, rock crevices, and other open but protected sites; on your land, they will search for similar locations. Bees can find the ideal home in anything as simple as a broken-down lawnmower.

Clean Up The Hives Of Previous Bees

Make sure the honeycomb in your home has been fully removed. New bees can be drawn to the honeycomb by the same pheromone that guides returning bees home. To ensure you don’t have remnants of the previous five, consult a Gilbert pest control technician.

Hire An Expert Bee Pest Control Company

Bees are likely to return if you’ve ever had them near your home before. Taking preventive measures to protect your home from bees keeps your family safe from unpleasant stings and can help to safeguard the diminishing bee population.

If you want better help with a trusted pest control company, contact Varsity Termite & Pest Control, we’ll be ready to help you out!

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