Death stalker is considered the deadliest scorpion in the world, hence the name. Its home is North Africa and the Middle East. He has a bad temper and grows to as long as 13 centimeters (slightly over 5″). Seldom does the sting from this monster kill anyone, but it is a possibility for older individuals and youngsters.

Another scorpion from the same geographical area is the Arabian fat-tail, and he is responsible for several deaths each year. He isn’t as aggressive as his cousin is, but you would not want to catch him on a bad day.

The yellow fat-tailed scorpion can be a big problem for those unlucky enough to feel his sting. He is also from North Africa and the Middle East, and he also roams India. Without serum, which is hard to find, the sting can kill a person within two hours.

In the U.S., the striped bark scorpion is considered the most deadly, but he isn’t as potent as the first three. Still, a sting is very painful and it can hurt for days afterwards.

All scorpion bites are painful, even though some feel more like the sting of a bee. No one wants the unpleasant surprise of an attack by either a large or a small one. If you have these creatures as company in your home, finding a pest control company to get rid of them should be a top priority. In most cases, you won’t be able to run scorpions off immediately, but a professional exterminator can get the wheels turning toward a scorpion free life.

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