Arizona is such an attractive state for so many reasons. People flock here from all over the country for our nearly year-round warm and sunny climate. Business is booming, offering all kinds of job opportunities. Schools are great. And there are gorgeous, natural landmarks and plenty of recreation opportunities.

Common Pest In Arizona

But not everything about Arizona is great. Getting stung by a scorpion or bit by a rattlesnake isn’t great. Fortunately, these are problems that you can control, so long as you have a good Mesa’s trusted pest control company on your side. Knowing the common pests can help you be on your guard so that you can identify and eradicate them early, and it helps you to take a proactive approach by developing a preventive plan. Here are five of the most common pests in Arizona with some information about how to prevent them:

1. Scorpions

Scorpions are notorious in Arizona. Their hard exoskeleton makes them well-suited for desert life. Unfortunately, they can end up in your home in their journey for water and food. All scorpions are venomous, but most have such a small amount that the sting is merely painful and a nuisance. However, the bark spider has a highly venomous sting that can cause severe pain and can even be life-threatening. Keeping your home free of scorpions is essential to your comfort and your health.

Scorpions can be hard to find since they like to stay in dark spaces. A good scorpion exterminator near Ahwatukee will discover them and create a plan to eliminate them. Sealing the inside and outside of your home is the best way to get rid of scorpions since these pests can flatten out to fit in the tiniest of cracks. An exterminator can spray for the scorpions in conjunction with the sealing for the most effective treatment and prevention of scorpions.

2. Termites

Termites can chew through your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, causing massive destruction. Subterranean and drywood termites are common in Arizona. Subterranean termites can tunnel under the ground to your home, and drywood termites can make their way to your home through a pile of firewood or newspaper sitting next to your house.

A good termite exterminator can get rid of your termite problem. Not only will the exterminator spray to eliminate current termites, but will also install a barrier treatment around your property to keep termites at bay. You can do your own part to prevent termites by keeping wood, brush, cardboard boxes, and other organic materials away from the perimeter of your home.

3. Spiders

Tarantulas are among the scariest spiders to most people, mostly because of their huge size and their hairy bodies. But their bites are usually just painful, not threatening. Tarantulas are common in Arizona, as are spiders like the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse, both of which have venomous bites that can be life-threatening.

Regular Ahwatukee pest control treatment can keep spiders away. An exterminator will inspect your home and recommend the right maintenance plan based on the characteristics of your property. Spiders also like to hide out in brush piles, firewood, cardboard boxes, and other places that scorpions and termites also like. By keeping these items away from your home, you can make your property less attractive for spiders and other pests.

4. Ants

Usually, ants will go on about their business outside and won’t bother you. But ants can become a problem when you stumble through a colony unknowingly and are suddenly swarmed with painful bites. Ants can also get inside your home when they are looking for food, and they can even chew through the wood in your home to build their nests.

Regular pest control treatment is required to keep ants under control. You cannot rely on over-the-counter treatments that you can buy at home improvement stores. These treatments are designed as a one-size-fits-all measure, and not all ants respond to them. A professional Mesa pest exterminator can design a specific treatment plan for the types of ants that are present on your property or that are common to the local climate.

5. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a growing problem, not just in Arizona, but around the country. They spread quite easily on clothing, suitcases, and furniture. You might visit a hotel that has them, without knowing it, and then bring them home to your own beds. And once you have them, they are very difficult to get rid of.

Many websites exist that tell you how to handle a bed bug problem yourself, and many companies sell products that claim to help. But the only real solution is to hire a professional bed bug exterminator . Otherwise, you risk the bugs spreading throughout your home and becoming an even bigger problem.

Many more pests are problematic in Arizona, but these are among the worst offenders. You can’t insulate yourself from the pests, but you can arm yourself with knowledge to prevent them from becoming problematic.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control is your ally in the fight against these and other pests in Arizona. Our top-rated exterminators have the tools and the expertise to fight these problematic pests. They understand the behaviors and characteristics of these pests, so they know the right strategies for getting rid of them. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your property to find out what pests may be lurking and to learn about your options for protecting your property.

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