You may not think that your attic is at much danger of attracting pests since it’s not on the ground floor where most pests live. However, your attic is very attractive to all kinds of pests because it is humid, it has plenty of wood and other organic material, and it is free of human traffic. Pests can nest there, search for water, and feast without anyone bothering them. It’s an ideal spot for many pests.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Attic from Pests

Often, you may not even know that pests have made your attic their new home until you have a bigger problem on your hands and they have spread throughout your house. It’s important that you take steps to protect your attic before you get an infestation and it’s harder to deal with the pests near Chandler. Here are five tips for protecting your Arizona attic from pests:

Keep It Dry

Pests often find their way to your attic because they are in search of water. You can make your attic a lot less attractive to pests just by keeping it dry. If your attic becomes too hot, it can become humid, and moisture can build up. Your attic needs proper ventilation to keep the humidity out. Talk to a roofer to adjust ventilation if you are getting too much humidity in your attic.

Roof leaks can also lead to moisture in your attic. Get a regular roof inspection to spot leaks early and to keep them from happening. Routine maintenance can make sure you don’t get a loose shingle or other problem that will lead to leaks and create pools of water in your attic that will attract pests.

Seal the Gaps

Most pests in Arizona come into your attic through gaps around your vents, in your walls, or in your ceiling. You can keep many pests out of your attic just by keeping those gaps sealed and cracks filled. Be vigilant in your own inspections, and work closely with a handyman to spot any vulnerabilities that you don’t identify yourself.

Pay special attention to the spaces around your vents and hoods. Roof rats, especially like to come in through these spaces.

Pay Special Attention to the Carpets

Some attics are more finished than others, and they have carpets to make the space more comfortable. These carpets can attract pests because they allow dirt to build up, as well as mold and mildew. You can keep pests at bay by keeping these carpets cleaned. Get a professional steam cleaning regularly to keep dirt and mildew away.

Even better, just remove carpet from your attic and don’t store any rugs there. The material is too vulnerable in the dirty, humid space.

Switch to Plastic

Many people shove their items in cardboard boxes when they store them in the attic. However, cardboard is a prized food source for many pests, including termites and some roaches. Putting everything in cardboard is essentially laying out a feast for pests.

Switch all your belongings to plastic storage tubs, where possible. You can store larger items like your Christmas tree in big, plastic bags. Keep everything sealed up tight, and minimize your use of cardboard, wood, and other organic materials.

Store Strategically

We all have books, photos, and papers that we store in our attics and other spaces. But these items are just as attractive to pests as cardboard. You can minimize the risk by storing these items in plastic bins, but you can further minimize your risk by storing your items strategically. Put all these items together in one spot in the attic. If pests do get into them, it will be easier to treat the problem, rather than if you had the items spread around and were providing several sources of food for the pests.

You cannot make your attic impenetrable to pests, but you can certainly minimize your risk of infestation if you take these and other steps. The best thing you can do is to develop a relationship with a Az professional exterminator. Implement a schedule of routine preventative pest maintenance, and you will avoid dealing with a full-blown infestation that will be much harder to treat.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control is a respected pest-control company in Arizona, and we can help you develop a plan to keep your attic and your home safe. We treat common pests like termites, scorpions, roof rats, roaches, and pigeons. We can help you get rid of any pests that are currently in your home, and we can help protect your home from future infestations. Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free estimate for your home.

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