Protect your Home From Termite Damage Before The Spring Season

Termite season is not far off, and if you don’t take steps now to protect and prepare your home, you may find yourself with a big problem come spring. If you aren’t careful, termites can move into your home without you even realizing it, and they can cause a significant amount of damage before you even know they’re there. Taking some preventive steps can keep those termites out so you can save a lot of money and aggravation.

Hiring a local pest control company in Gilbert to apply a termite barrier treatment is one of the best ways to protect your home against these insidious pests. However, here are a few other things you can do to prep your home for termite season:

Termites on wood

Eliminate Moisture

Termites don’t need much to live, but one thing they do need in abundance is water. Termites are drawn to areas where there is a regular water source. If there is moisture around your home, they will be drawn closer to your home, which can then lead them to nest inside and settle into the new, 24-hour buffet they have found.

Eliminate sources of moisture in and around your home to make it less inviting to termites. Ensure that you have proper drainage in your yard and that there are no areas of standing water. Check around your crawl spaces and under your cabinets to make sure there are no leaks or other sources of water. Hire a professional to perform the termite inspection if you have a large home or you aren’t sure what to check.

Seal Cracks and Openings

Your home is full of cracks, and each of them represents an opportunity for termites and other pests to get inside and wreak havoc. You need to thoroughly inspect your home and seal off all these cracks and openings, such as in your foundation, around your windows and doors, around your vents, or in your siding.

This is another job you may want to outsource to the professionals to ensure that all the cracks are identified and that they are sealed with the proper materials and techniques for long-lasting results. Many Gilbert pest control companies offer crack sealing for pest prevention.

Remove Sources of Wood

Besides water, there’s one thing termites need: Food. And what they eat is wood – and the same cellulose material that is found in wood, such as is found in paper. You can make your home less attractive to termites by removing these sources of wood.

Keep mulch away from your home, remove any piles of brush, keep firewood at the far corners of the yard, and trim back shrubs and tree branches. Be mindful of any plants you put next to your foundation or your exterior.

Get Your Ventilation Inspected

Poor ventilation can lead to sources of moisture in your home, which can attract termites. You may not even realize that there’s a problem with your ventilation until there’s a big problem. Don’t assume that all is working properly. Call in a professional to inspect your ventilation and make any necessary corrections before termite season begins.

Call a Reputable Pest Control Company

In addition to taking these measures, of course, you need to call a reputable Gilbert pest control company to apply a preventive termite control treatment. Even the most diligent homeowners are likely to miss something, and termites can always find a way in. That professional barrier treatment will kill or repel any termites that make it through to your property despite your efforts.

Call Mesa’s trusted termite control company to schedule a termite control treatment for your Mesa home. We offer preventive treatments, as well as treatments for active infestations. We’ll inspect your home and help you learn the best treatment options. We also offer a range of other pest control solutions to treat any other pests that might be plaguing your Mesa home. We treat pests common to the Mesa area, including roaches, scorpions, ants, rats, pigeons, and more. Our highly trained and experienced pest control technicians have effective solutions that will get you long-lasting results. You can protect your home and enjoy peace of mind. Plus, you’ll save a lot of money on potential home damage in the long run. Call us in Mesa today to schedule an appointment with a pest control technician.

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