How To Protect Your Home’s Electrical Wires From Rodents

No one likes to find mice running around their home or apartment. Not only do they spread their droppings as they scamper through our living spaces, but they are also infamous for carrying diseases and bacteria. Their scratching in the walls at night can make it difficult to sleep. Mice enter our homes through very tiny gaps, driven by their survival instinct to find warm and dry places to nest.

One often overlooked reason to keep mice out of your home is because they are prone to chew on electric wiring as they make their way through our walls. They are also the most common pest to enter homes. If you suspect mice, contact a Phoenix pest control technician right away to take action against them.

Varsity Pest Control is Essential for Protecting Your Electrical Wiring

Why Do Mice Chew Electric Wiring?

People are often surprised to learn that mice and rats love chewing on the electric wires inside their homes, and wonder why their cables would be attractive to rodents. The answer is that there is actually a natural instinct behind this behavior. Unlike humans, mice’s teeth continue to grow for their entire life. In order to keep their teeth sharp and at the right length, mice are driven to chew constantly. It’s similar to how humans trim their nails regularly to prevent them from growing too long.
Mice are attracted to wires in part because of their round shape and because they can hold the wire with their paws as they chew. Also, the metal in wire helps to sharpen their teeth. Beyond homes and commercial buildings, mice also especially like to chew on wires inside vehicles. Wherever the wiring is located, mice wreak havoc and even cause the risk of fire.

Signs that Rodents are Chewing Wires in Your Home

How do you know when to call Phoenix pest control? Some of the most apparent signs that you are dealing with a mice include:

  • You see droppings or nesting sites in your home
  • You hear scratching in the walls
  • You can see bite marks on visible wires or cables
  • You have seen mice in your garage or near your vehicles
  • Your appliances and lights flicker with no other explanation
  • Circuits repeatedly trip or your appliances fail for no apparent reason

    The Risks of Rodents Chewing Wires

    When mice chew electric wires, they can cause extensive damage. But even a small amount of damage to wiring can cause major problems that range from inconvenient to dangerous, such as electric failure, appliance malfunctioning, and even a house fire. If you suspect mice in your home, act right away by calling a Phoenix pest control company. Mice and rats reproduce very quickly and create a major infestation in a short period of time.

    How to Prevent Rodents from Chewing Wires

    If you have mice or rats in your home, there are many ways you can address the problem, repair any electrical damage, and prevent future infestations.

    Seal any possible entry points

    Remember that mice can squeeze through an opening as narrow as a pencil, so you’ll want to carefully search around the exterior of your home for any possible entry or exit points. Most commonly, these are in your home’s foundation, around windows and doors, and behind gaps in the siding.

    Trim trees near your home

    This is an overlooked way to reduce the chances of squirrels, rats, and other rodents entering your home. It’s especially important to trim the branches that reach down toward your roof.

    Cover your home’s wiring

    Protect visible wiring with approved covers made with plastic or steel, since rodents cannot chew through those materials.

    Get your wiring inspected

    Contact a professional electrician to evaluate any damage that may have occurred. It’s best to do this before you have any apparent signs so you can reduce your risk of electrical fire or appliance failure.

    Eliminate the mice population in your home

    Prevention and deterring are important, but it’s also crucial to eliminate the mice already living in your home. Get mouse traps or bait to deal with this problem.

    Contact a professional pest control company

    Phoenix pest control is your best option to effectively eliminate the rodents in your home and prevent future infestations. They can create a comprehensive plan to get your home pest-free.

    Get Rid of Mice by Calling Phoenix Pest Services

    If you suspect mice or rats in your home, call Varsity Termite and Pest Control. Our experienced technicians offer the most comprehensive pest control and prevention services in Phoenix. We utilize state of the art equipment and our expertise to produce a specialized pest control plan for each situation. Get started by giving us a call today!

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