Understanding why scorpions do what they do helps in formulating a way to control them. They are technically arachnids (like spiders), not insects, but they do feed on small soft-bodied insects. Additionally, they eat spiders and even their own kind. This is why they are found under things both outside and inside the house. A great place for scorpions to hide is under wood, rock, or brick because insects are found there as a food source.

Fight Scorpions

Stopping these home invaders begins outside by removing anything lying on the ground that furnishes a food source and shelter. Scorpions do not see very well and are not extremely mobile, so they must lie in wait for food to come to them.

Without places for them to hide and catch food, scorpions tend to move on, but for people who live in or near wooded areas, cleanup of every hiding spot can be difficult. Limiting the food source is generally easier to accomplish by using pesticides to control insects.

Once the outside has been cleaned, good housekeeping inside will further reduce the pest population. Don’t let piles of clothes, papers, and other items lie on the floor or get stacked in cabinets. One place where scorpions love to hide is inside shoes, so it is always good to check them regularly.

Small scorpions can get into the home through the smallest crevices and cracks, so sealing all penetrations into your home is an essential defense. Because they are creatures of habit, initial steps to get rid of them may take a little time to show results. Continuing to keep the home and yard clean is essential to the long-range goal of eradication, and a visit from a local pest control provider can speed of the elimination process.

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