Pharaoh Ants: Not an Egyptian Problem

Most large cities have a constant need for pest control; Phoenix is no different. There are a number of pests common to Arizona for which pest control in Phoenix is a necessity. Pest control in AZ most often deal with scorpions, pigeons, rats and termites, though other pests thrive in the area as well. One particularly annoying creature which is often encountered is the Pharaoh ant. As you’ll find out from professionals in pest control, Phoenix is a hotspot for these particular ants.

Ants are usually more annoying than anything, and are not generally considered dangerous, just irritating. This is not necessarily the case when it comes to dealing with Pharaoh ants. Since they are only about 2 mm long, they have the ability to enter small spaces that larger ants may not be able to fit into. Pest control in Phoenix is often contracted to deal with Pharaoh ants in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. These ants may enter wounds or IV tubes, making them susceptible to spreading infection.

What do Pharaoh ants eat?

Pest control in AZ is often called for Pharaoh ant infestations because of how easily and rapidly they spread. Any foods containing sugars are a popular food source, such as sodas, honey, jelly and breads. They’ve also been known to chew holes in rubber, which can cause problems when the rubber being chewed on is part of an electrical wire.

Where are Pharaoh ants usually found?

Nests are usually located in warm, dark areas, such as inside walls, close to hot water pipes and under floors and stones. A professional company dealing with pest control in Phoenix will be able to locate and exterminate nests of the Pharaoh ant. This is usually the first step in dealing with the problem.

Do I need pest control in AZ to deal with Pharaoh ants?

When it comes to Pharaoh ant pest control, Phoenix extermination companies are your best bet for dealing with the problem. If you try to deal with the infestation yourself you may disturb the colony and cause it to spread even more widely throughout your home or office. Since these animals can interfere with electrical wires, you should contact pest control in Phoenix to avoid dealing with this danger. A company specializing in pest control in AZ can set up baits in order to catch and eradicate the Pharaoh ants.

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