Controlling Pests In A Food Service Setting

mesa pest control restaurantsWhatever your business, pest control in Mesa is highly important to prevent yourself from getting infestations of vermin and other problems. Likewise if you don’t run a business and you are instead just a private individual, pest control is still highly important from time to time as a way to prevent yourself from dealing with a range of problems such as bad smells, disease, damaged property and more.

However while pest control is important for everyone, it is more important for some businesses than others. For instance pest control is completely crucial if you run a hospital where you have lots of sick patients with weak immune systems, and lots of medications and things for pests to get to, likewise it is highly important for a school where you will have young children going in daily and food getting prepared and stored.

Of all these businesses though, restaurants may well be one of the businesses that can suffer the worst from an infestation.

The reason for this is of course that a restaurant does not just work with food, but is actually completely dependent on that food – it is the entire point of that business. Without food, then a restaurant would have nothing to sell.

Pests such as rats or mice can then damage your food in a lot of ways – it’s not completely impossible to find mice nesting in your flower bags, or rats getting into your storage cupboards. This then means that they can eat your food and that of course means that you can’t sell it. A restaurant business will work by investing in lots of food – spending their capital on this food upfront – with the hope that they can then sell it on for more money thus making profit on the food they’ve bought and making some kind of turnover.

However of course you can’t then sell this food that’s been ruined by pests and that then means that you can’t make the money back you spent on it.

This then means that the basic business model no longer works and you have to buy that food twice before you can sell it on – thus making no profit until the pests are exterminated by pest control. This then has a range of other negative knock-on effects for your business as it means that you won’t have the capital available to spend on other things. For instance you won’t be able to invest in other things if maybe you were perhaps considering some kind of advertising campaign, or branching out with a new chain. More desperately it might mean that you can’t make rent for your premises or can’t pay your bills and this can leave the whole restaurant to shut down.

Of course there are worse things that can come from lack of pest control in a restaurant. Getting pest control in Arizona for your business is not just something you need to do for yourself, but it is also your responsibility to the people eating there and it is highly important that you look after them by ensuring the food is free from contamination.

If you were to have an infestation of rats or other vermin and weren’t aware, then this could mean that you end up accidentally serving up food that has been infected with viruses or bacteria by the rats. Rat urine for instance carries many diseases and can cause serious damage to anyone should they eat food or drink drink that has been covered in it.

This would then mean that having eaten your food, your customers could become very ill. This is something that is of course a moral consideration and when you serve people up food in a restaurant it is your responsibility to make sure that it is healthy and safe and that you’re not poisoning them – most of us who run a restaurant have some kind of ‘dream’ of running a perfect venue where people come and laugh and drink and marvel at your cooking. Suffice to say that this dream very rarely includes serving up plates of food that will make the guests have to take a week off work.

Mesa Pest Control By The Team At Varsity

Worse, these diseases could be even more serious and this could result in your customers even having to be hospitalised. Of course from a moral perspective this is something very upsetting and something you should try to avoid with pest control.

At the same time though this is also very bad from a business and PR perspective. Of course if someone has eaten out at your restaurant and then become ill they are likely to make the connection and to presume that it was your meal that made them unwell. This then will make your business look careless and they will hold the illness against you. In the short term that means one customer and their family lost, as the party who ate there are unlikely to want to go back after one of their members has fallen ill as a result (and chances are that they all would have been effected). Thus you would lose those customers and they would be unlikely to go back.

Worse though, they would also be likely to tell others about the problems with your food and this word would likely spread.

People would mention to friends and family that they became ill after eating on your premises and then none of those people would want to eat there either. You also never know who you are serving and this is an important consideration too – if that person has media contacts then very soon you could find your business written off by half the country.

Then even after you have used pest control and exterminated the problem, this wouldn’t necessarily mean that people will forgive your business. The association is now made in their minds between your company and unhealthy, unclean food and people take their health very seriously so will be unlikely to want to go back.

If health and safety inspectors get wind of your business being infested with pests then this will result in the forced closure of your restaurant. During this time you will still need to pay your staff’s wages and you will still need to pay rent, but at the same time you will not be making any money from the company.

This then all means that you will lose a lot of money as a result of not having pest control and it’s very likely you’ll lose your business.

As such then it is important to take important precautions to avoid getting pests. Make sure to be as careful as possible to keep all food sealed and to clean and tidy thoroughly after each time preparing food. The tiniest crumbs and bits of food can easily attract vermin and other creatures if they should manage to smell the items and this then leads to them setting up camp in your storage cupboards etc. Make sure to keep all perishables frozen and generally to take lengths to avoid attracting pests. Another important tip is to make sure that you seal your trash and that you take it out a long way from your building, as this too can attract all kinds of animal life.

Most important though is to use pest control on a regular basis. Mesa pest control companies will come out in an emergency if you call them out, but this is not the only time a restaurant should deal with them.

pest control mesa resaurantWhat’s more important is to get regular inspections and have the pest control visit on a regular basis. This way they can check that your restaurant is healthy and free from infestation, and they can deal with any vermin early on before they set up camp and become more difficult to eradicate them – the longer you leave it the more difficult it will be to do anything about the problem.

At the same time you should also be sure to check for signs of infestation regularly. This means looking for things like droppings that could be from rats, and looking in your storage cupboards. Scratching noises in your roof or insulation can also be a sign of infestation, and sometimes it’s possible to see rats run across the floor. If you spot any signs of an infestation then you need to call out your pest control as quickly as possible to come and deal with the problem.

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