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Bees don’t just make delicious honey. They are also important pollinators, helping to fertilize all kinds of crops and plants. Without bees, we wouldn’t have the food we eat, nor would animals. Yet bees are also a nuisance that can pose a serious threat to your family and even your property. If anyone in your family is allergic to bees, they can experience a life-threatening reaction to their stings. But even those who are not allergic can suffer from multiple stings after stumbling onto a hive. You need to clear your property of the bees to keep it a safe haven.

The bee removal experts at Varsity Termite and Pest Control can safely eradicate the bees from your North Phoenix home with no damage to your home or to the bee colony itself. We understand the need to protect these important pollinators, and we take great care in removing the hive while preserving the health and functionality of the colony. We’ll also help you understand what measures to take to keep new hives from forming on your property. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your North Phoenix home or business and start learning about your bee removal and control options.

Get Rid of Bess and Wasps in North Phoenix AZ by Varsity Pest Control

Bees vs. Wasps in North Phoenix, AZ

How To Get Rid Of Bees And Wasps In North Phoenix?

Bees and wasps are not the same thing, though their stings may be equally painful. You need a pest control expert who understands the difference and knows the best methods for dealing with them. The professionals at Varsity Termite and Pest Control have advanced training to recognize not only the differences between the different types of bees and wasps but also between the many types of bees. There are thousands of bee species, and they cannot all be handled the same. Our experts have tried-and-true methods for getting safe results for all species of bees.

Pest Control Company For Bee Removal Near North Phoenix

Pest Control Company For Bee Removal Near North Phoenix

Experienced, Trained & Licensed

The professionals at Varsity Termite and Pest Control are all industry licensed, which means that they have achieved the minimum requirements for experience in the field and advanced training in pest control techniques. They must also meet continuing education requirements to maintain their licensing. You can trust that when you hire the team at Varsity Termite and Pest Control, you are hiring trusted professionals who will get reliable results. You can check our credentials online, or you can see what our many satisfied customers have to say about our service.

Best Bee Removal Experts Near Me North Phoenix AZ

Best Bee Hive Removal Experts Near Me

Eliminating Bees in North Phoenix Homes

Eliminating bees safely requires much more than spraying poisonous chemicals around your property. The hive must be delicately removed so as not to damage the colony within or to disrupt its careful work. Our experts have the specialized training to safely remove and relocate the bee hive so that the bees can continue their work and you can enjoy your North Phoenix home again. You don’t have to worry about stumbling onto a hive and dealing with nasty stings, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals being sprayed in your home or on your property. You can just enjoy your home again.

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Why Hire The Bee Control Experts from Varsity Termite and Pest Control

Bee hive removal is a delicate process, and you can’t trust just anyone to do it for you – nor should you try to do it yourself! The bee removal professionals at Varsity Termite and Pest Control are top-rated professionals who have a proven reputation in the community thanks to their reliable results and their superior customer service. They will help you understand all your bee control options so that you can develop an affordable plan for eliminating the bees that are currently on your property and ensuring that new bees don’t build a colony there in the future.

Contact us today to arrange for an inspection and an initial consultation. Our friendly professionals will help you understand how to take control of your bee problem, and they can consult with you about any other pests that might be plaguing your North Phoenix home. We can also perform a comprehensive inspection to find out what other pests may be lurking.

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