Spiders, as a pest, can be irritating and frightening sometimes. And to keep them away you can use the common pesticides. However, if you do not want your family and children to get affected by the harmful chemicals, then you can deal with the problem naturally.

Here are a few natural ways for spider pest control.

One reason why spiders live in your home may be that they get plenty of food. As spiders dine on various insects, bugs, flies etc., eliminating them can help a lot in removal of spiders. Thus, seal up the cracks, repair the windows and other places through which insects may enter your house. Also, light is another thing which attracts flies and spiders too. For this, you can set up yellow bug repellant bulbs as outside lightening.
Maintaining cleanliness in the area is also important because it is in the dusty and dark corners that spiders lay their eggs and make webs. So, clean all the corners and hidden areas behind appliances and cupboards. Moreover, see that garbage lids and trash cans are kept tightly closed.
There are many options for making natural pesticides that work upon spiders. Peppermint or spearmint oils can be mixed with water and filled in a spray bottle. Similarly, cloves and garlics can also be used. Tomato leaves mixed with water and a tablespoon of cornstarch can be used as repellants as well.




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