How to Prevent Scorpion Infestation Part Two

Scorpions are not fun to deal with. They are great at hiding and often you first learn about them being in your home, the moment you get stung. While many people believe that scorpions just walk through your living space, healthy scorpions are experts in hiding and rarely, if ever show themselves throughout the day.

If you spot any scorpion though you should leave it alone and not attempt to handle it. Rather call your San Tan Valley pest control professionals and let them deal with the infestation for you – they will be able to do so safely, humanely and effectively.

However even better than pest control and scorpion control is to avoid scorpion infestation to begin with. This way you avoid ever having the problem and so you will never be at risk of being bitten or attacked.

Here we will look at ways to do just that and to keep your home safe from infestation:

First of all, recognize that scorpions will generally be attracted to homes for several reasons.

  • If you live out in Arizona or other desert areas, then chances are that your garden will offer a moist and irrigated area that is far more habitable for them than the surrounding area.
  • Your garden provides an oasis to them compared to the surrounding environment and so there is no way to prevent them being attracted.
  • In addition, they also enjoy the inside climate of your home, especially if there are easy ways for them to enter it. Which is why sealing your home and preventing scorpions from entering is an essential step in San Tan Valley scorpion control.

Scorpion removal and control, no matter if you life in San Tan Valley or other nearby communities, is a job that should be left to the professionals. DIY scorpion removal rarely works and if so only short term. Worst case scenario it can make the situation worse, by weakening scorpions instead of killing them. Weak and sick scorpions often find their way into homes and are the ones that will sting you.

Varsity has the knowledge and the tools to assist you in locating and removing scorpions from your home, while also offering regular maintenance plans to ensure that scorpions and other pests will stay away from your home.

Varsity Pest & Termite Control in Mesa has been assisting homeowners with scorpion control for years. Contact us today to schedule a free scorpion inspection and to learn more about our comprehensive pest control services.

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