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Are you located in the East Valley and need a pigeon control company? Look no more! With more than twenty years of experience, Varsity Termite and Pest Control in Mesa focuses on delivering a precise pigeon pest control that will prevent them from invading again. Varsity Termite and Pest Control has licensed and insured experts that are skilled in the latest and best service methods on the market. We offer the best East Valley pest control services for ants, scorpions, bed bugs, bees, termites, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, mice, pigeons, and more.

List of Arizona Services Provided By Varsity Termite and Pest Control
List of Arizona Services Provided By Varsity Termite and Pest Control

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List of Arizona Services Provided By Varsity Termite and Pest Control
List of Arizona Services Provided By Varsity Termite and Pest Control

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List of Arizona Services Provided By Varsity Termite and Pest Control
List of Arizona Services Provided By Varsity Termite and Pest Control

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Varsity Termite & Pest Control has been helping homeowners remove pigeons from their homes for over over twenty years, and we continue to set the standard for top rated, high quality pest removal and extermination. We have the experience and expertise needed to deal with a variety of pests from pigeons and roof rats to termites, spiders, scorpions, and bed bugs. Family owned and operated, we provide honest service and integrity and it shows through our client growth and cost effective pest control services. For top rated pigeon removal and pest control, contact Varsity Termite & Pest control today!

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“Was very pleased with the prompt service, professionalism and advice I got at my initial inspection. They arrived and treated as promised”

5 Star Reviews of Varsity Termite & Pest Control in Mesa

5-Star Service!

“This was our first pest control service with Varsity and our experience was great! My husband stated Shawn was extremely professional and did a great job!”

Our positive reviews in Google, Yelp and our A+ in Better Business Bureau shows how involved we are in East Valley pest removal. With just a call, our pigeon removal technicians will inspect your home and determine the most effective solution. A pigeon exterminator from Varsity Termite and Pest Control help you. We have been helping rid Mesa residents of their pigeon problem for years, and we have a proven track record for success.

Humane Removal of Pigeons

Over two decades ago, we started Varsity Termite & Pest Control with the ultimate goal to provide affordable and effective pest control services. Pigeons may be a nuisance, but most people don’t want them killed, they just want them off their property. We understand, and the pigeon exterminator helping you to solve your pigeon problem will humanely trap and remove the birds from your property. The birds will be relocated so that they do not return to your property once they are released.

About Our East Valley Pest Removal & Prevention Company

When it comes to pest control, we know how disgusting and difficult they can be to deal with. Pigeons are often called “flying rats” — and for good reason. The birds may look somewhat attractive with their smooth, grey feathers and the iridescent blue, green and purple markings around their necks and faces. At Varsity Termite & Pest Control, we know the most efficient and productive ways to remove pigeons from your home.

Some pest control control companies have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pest control in Arizona, but that is just not an effective way to permanently get rid of whatever pest may be breaching your home. At Varsity Termite & Pest Control, we are licensed by the state of Arizona and have years of experience dealing with every pest you may come across. Owner Tony Kaufman has over 21 years of experience, all on his own, dealing with these pests. When you find evidence of ants, termites, bed bugs, scorpions, pigeons, or other unwanted critters, don’t hesitate to call the pest control technicians and pest removal experts in Arizona at Varsity Termite & Pest Control.

Affordable, Top Rated Pest Control Company Near Me

Gilbert Pigeon Removal From Varsity Termite and Pest ControlIf you have never dealt with pigeon issues before, you likely don’t know what to look for or how to prevent them. When you suspect that you may have a pigeon or other pest problem, we are here help you look for the warning signs. We will also help you to understand how to make changes to your property so that it does not attract more pigeons in the future. That may include sealing up holes or blocking off areas that are attractive to pigeons for nesting. That may also include eliminating water and food sources around your property.

Pigeons can carry dozens of parasites and diseases that can make you very sick. In addition, pigeons are nuisances. Once they find a place to roost, they don’t want to leave, and they always come with friends. They defecate freely, and they smell. They are also persistent beggars that won’t give you a moment’s rest. If pigeons decide to roost on the roof of your business, it can be a nightmare. Their smell can get into your ventilation system, which can drive away customers. Their feathers and feces can also block up your vents and cause damage to your property.

For an affordable and top rated pigeon control company in the East Valley, contact Varsity Termite & Pest Control today. Call now at (602) 757-8252 to speak to one of our friendly and experienced Mesa pest control representatives.


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