Should You Treat Termites Infestation By Yourself?

There are many termite repellents available in the market today. For the health-conscious homeowner, especially those who have children at home, the primary concern would be the risk the chemical sprays would bring to the young ones. Still, as many home and business owners have learned by now that termites may attack secretly, precautionary measures are needed to ensure that properties are secure from these unfriendly visitors.

Considering that termites can build extensive nests beneath your home or inside your walls, and that they can make treatment and prevention a complex project, the best thing left to do is to let trained Gilbert pest control professionals do the job that most would not be comfortable doing in the first place.

DIY Termite Control

DIY vs. Professional Pest Control: Which Is Best For You?

With the growing popularity of “DIY” home renovations and repairs, there has been a rise in DIY pest control and treatments too. Many retail and hardware stores offer low-cost termite treatments to clients as a more affordable alternative to professional methods. But do these DIY solutions work? The short answer is no.

Currently, there are many different DIY remedies on the market, but they all share the same chemical repellant base. Contrary to termiticides, repellents keep termites away and do not kill them. In principle, it might sound like a successful result, but it’s much less effective.

On the other hand, termiticides used by professional pest control specialists are undetectable by termites that pass through the chemical. Thousands of termites walk through the treated area for one to two weeks and unwittingly come into contact with these termiticides.

The pesticides’ effects are also spread among the termites, which causes the chemical to eventually return to the primary nest when the entire colony is eradicated. That doesn’t happen with commercial repellents.

Getting rid of termites isn’t as easy as it seems. Contacting a Chandler pest control company is the best option to forget about termites ruining your house once and for all.

Some Quick Facts About Termites

  • They grow their colonies slowly but can have hundreds to thousands, with a population reaching even up to 500,000 in some colonies.
  • A queen termite can lay around 2,000 to 3,000 eggs per day, ensuring the survival of colonies that can survive for decades.
  • Of the 300 termite varieties existing around the world, only 4 can be found in the US

Note that effective termite control requires proper identification of the termite species as well as a comprehensive inspection of the site to help determine the full extent of the infestation. Once the termite species and approximate location have been determined, your termite specialist can discuss termite repellents (termiticides) or other methods that may be effective in controlling the infestation and preventing future re-infestation. Professionals likewise have the equipment needed to complete different approaches of termite treatment (i.e fumigation, heat treatment, and soil treatments).

Gilbert Termite Inspections & Treatment By Varsity

Do-It-Yourself Termite Control

While there are common household items as well as garden plants that possess insecticidal and repellent properties, experts claim that there is no effective homemade termite repellent. Effective termite treatment from a Chandler pest control company needs to find its way to the whole colony directly or through products that scavenging termites can share with the rest of the nest. However, homemade products are not formulated to protect properties from possible re-infestation, nor are they made to wipe out the entire termite populating a location.

What Natural Remedies Exist Against Termites?

There are many natural termite repellents as well as insecticide products. These products are not as effective as other methods, and hence do not provide long-term protection for your home or business. Although some of these products may constrain termites that come into close contact with them, these products are not able to control the entire colony.

Consulting with a Queen Creek pest control company can help you better understand the benefits as well as the limitations of all-natural termite control products. In case you think using natural products will do the job, a termite management professional can use his or her expertise on termite behavior when applying all-natural products. Furthermore, they can provide follow-up inspections to determine the degree of effectiveness of the method used.

Another system that has been tried to manage termite infestation, is non-chemical methods. Some of these require the application of heat as well as electronic treatments. However, these methods involve specific equipment to control active termites within a locality.

Other considerations in conducting a termite management method include the time of day, the temperature during which the method is to be applied, the season, as well as the type of environment where the treatment is to be conducted — all these have impacts on termites as well as the methodology used in managing them.

Hire An Expert Termite Pest Control Company

In conclusion, it is always best to leave pest control to the experts. Don’t hesitate to call Varsity Termite & Pest Control if you’re worried about termite infestations in your house. Do not try to save money by buying low-quality, cheap materials that could endanger your family and leave your house exposed. Contact us now!

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