Scorpions are a common problem in the southern United States. There are more than 1400 species of scorpions in 13 family types. Twenty-five of the species can cause death from their stings, but most are just a nuisance that is difficult to control.

Scorpion Control

scorpion control

Small black scorpions in the southeast are very tenacious when it comes to claiming a territory, and eradication may take some time. The first step in controlling them is to clean up all areas where they may bed and breed. This involves those closed off spaces that are seldom used.

It is easier to treat houses on crawlspaces because pesticides can be placed on the ground to stop the infiltration and inside to control those that make it past the first line of defense. Scorpions live on the ground primarily and invade homes in search of food.

Chemicals Used for Scorpion Control

Dust type chemicals are generally the best way to control scorpions, but sprays work relatively well when applied directly to the pests. Ingredients to look for in products that control scorpions are carbaryl, cyfluthrin, esfenvalerate, and bifenthrin.

All chemicals should be considered dangerous to humans and pets, so placement of dust for scorpion control should be in areas that can be closed off for safety. It is highly suggested to allow a professional pest control company to handle these pests for you as they are well aware of the proper safety precautions involved.

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