You love your home in Mesa or Phoenix. It’s beautiful, solid and has been built to last for a very long time. The durability is your highest priority … and you’re worried about a certain pest that can wreak havoc on the interior of your house. The last thing you want is to have termites chew up too much wood and weaken things.

So what do you do? While it’s generally next to impossible to truly be able to catch these things before damage has been done, you can try to move the odds a bit better in your favor to keep things to a minimum.

Here are six things that you can check either by yourself or along with a Phoenix pest control technician so you can spot termites early on.

Check These 6 Things to Spot Termites Early On

Moisture Content

This one is really best left to the representative of the pest control company serving Phoenix. Like nearly every other living thing, termites need water in order to be able to survive. So they will seek out the wood that has the most moisture content so that they can drink that. It might not be obvious to you, so the technician will walk around your place and get readings that can pinpoint what wood has the most moisture – and then be able to see if there are any little invaders in there.

Mud Tubes

No, this isn’t some kind of skin care option available at a spa. The termites create these small tubes in wood that are actually tunnels. They create them with wood cellulose or soil. People tend to see these once they have become much larger due to damage. Check your attic, pipes, and chimneys. Also take a look at your home foundation – those may have a lot of those tubes.

Any Possible Entry Points

You can do a survey around your house and any wood supplies you might have outside, like fences or firewood. Do you have wood mulch? Do not leave a lot of broken tree limbs – move them. Otherwise, the termites can start sustaining themselves. They can do this undetected for a long time, because they are not moved around very much. Once they are filled up, the termites tend to move to your home next. Try to inspect all of these as many times as you do everything at home. If you see something amiss, it’s time to call Gold Canyon termite and pest control.

Signs of Swarming

The last thing you want to see is a flying termite that’s on the hunt for a mate. That usually means that there are a lot more of them in a swarm nearby… in your home. Look at areas that have a lot of light. Just like a moth, termites like bright lights. So look at your doors or windows or other brightly lit areas. If you see one of them, do not hesitate to call pest services near Glendale.

The Wood Damage

Walk around your place and tap certain parts that have wood. Listen carefully. Do you hear more of a hollow sound than a solid thunk? There’s the possibility that termites have burrowed in there and caused damage to that wood. The aforementioned mud tubes might be another sign that there is wood damage… and those tubes will get larger as time goes by and as the wood gets more and more disintegrated.

Wood Supplies

It’s not just the fencing and firewood lumber that you should be concerned about. Are the steps to your home made of wood? How about the deck? Those are things that you need to regularly inspect. The last thing you want is to have something collapse underneath you because of termite damage. North Phoenix Pest services can come take a look for you and hopefully help prevent the previous scenario from occurring.

Termites can be very tricky to spot, though, even if you do the above. It’s best to get a specialist who can ascertain that you do, indeed, have termites. The earlier that they come, they better off that you will be.

The staff at Varsity Pest & Termite Control in Mesa are absolute pros at being able to spot termites and they will rid them for you in no time flat. Be on the winning side – if you live in Mesa or Phoenix, check them out today to find out more about affordable termite control. Feel free to call 602-757-8252 and explain your situation.

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