Learn About The Most Common Attic Pests And How They Damage Your Home

You might think that your attic is a safe space from pests given that is so high up. But the attic is actually an ideal spot for many pests. It’s free of activity, so it’s quiet, and there’s no threat from predators. The attic also has a lot of materials that are ideal for making nests, such as cardboard and insulation fibers.

These pests can not only create a lot of damage in your attic, but they can also pose a health threat. They can bring fleas and other disease-carrying pests into the house, and their feces can pose a serious health risk.
Their bites can also spread disease. It’s important that you get proper pest control treatments for your Phoenix home to not only eliminate any pests that are there, but also to keep them from entering.

Bats in the attic

Here are some pests that are commonly found in the attics of Arizona homes:

Mice and Rats

Mice love attics since they have a lot of places to hide. Mice often come in through tree branches, or they can find their way into the attic after coming in your home.

Roof rats are common in Phoenix, and they get their name because they can climb very high and they like to live in high places, like tall trees or your attic. They can get into your attic through the tiniest holes – some as small as a quarter. They also don’t mind chewing through your siding, including aluminum, wood, and drywall.


Bats need enclosed spaces away from the light to rest during the day. That makes your attic the perfect spot. And they don’t need a huge opening to get into your home. A hole that’s less than an inch wide can offer enough space for a bat to get in your attic.

Bats can spread disease through their feces, and they can rapidly procreate, making your problem worse. They can also create additional openings in your roofline, spreading damage in your home.


Your trash isn’t the only thing that will draw in the racoons. Your attic also provides a cozy den for them. Usually, they wind up there because they’re searching for more trash or other goodies. They don’t know it’s an attic – they just follow whatever path of opportunity they can find.

Usually, racoons come in through an open vent or other damage. But once they’re in your house, they can create a lot more damage and wreak havoc.


Flies are a nuisance, no matter where they are in your home. Typically, they are attracted to your attic because they are looking for a place to hunker down when the temperatures drop. They emerge again in the spring, when the weather is warmer, and they come with a lot of new babies.


If you’ve ever put out a bird feeder, you know how hard it is to keep out a determined squirrel. Usually, squirrels won’t pay your attic any mind. But if they think that there might be food or nest materials inside, they’ll claw their way in to get at it.

Usually, squirrels end up in your attic because they’re looking for a warm place to nest during the colder months. You’ll have to keep an eye out for signs of damage around your roof line to know that they have gotten inside.

You may forget about your attic until you need to go up for your Christmas decorations every year, but remember that more than dusty boxes might be hiding out there. A lot of pests are attracted to attics, and given how little you are likely to visit the space, these pests can spread and create a lot of damage before you realize what is going on. Make sure you are working with a reputable Gilbert pest control company to put effective barrier and preventive treatments in place to keep these and other pests out and to keep your home safe.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control is ready to help. We offer a variety of pest services for Phoenix homes and businesses, and we can keep your attic and all other spaces on your property free of pests. We offer effective solutions for pests common to the Phoenix area, including rats, roaches, flies, ants, scorpions, pigeons, and more. We’ll inspect your home and present you with the solutions that will provide long-lasting results. Call us in Phoenix today to schedule a consultation and inspection by an experienced pest control technician.

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